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US-Iran talks waste of time

Op-ed: Washington giving Tehran time it needs to complete development of nuclear bomb

At the beginning of the last decade the Europeans – headed by Germany Britain and France – initiated talks with Tehran in an effort to prevent the Ayatollah regime from moving forward with its nuclear program. It was a time when few people around the world knew who Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was and the regime in Tehran was in the hands of reformist mullahs.


The "great success" of this "critical dialogue" with Iran produced a sad joke: During the negotiations, the Europeans and Iranians would criticize the United States, together. The joke may be funny, but the result of this dialogue was not amusing at all.


Meanwhile, the reformist regime in Tehran was replaced by an extremist movement headed by Ahmadinejad, and in the US a Democratic president replaced the "belligerent" George W. Bush.


Under Obama, the US sent Tehran numerous signals indicating that it seeks reconciliation. An American representative even joined the talks between Europe and Iran. But this round of negotiations failed as well.


Everyone remembers Obama's famous "New beginning" speech in Cairo just after he took office. Now, as Obama's first term draws to a close, we are informed that Washington and Tehran may launch direct negotiations.


The American administration has turned itself into a joke. The US will give Iran the time it needs to complete the development of a nuclear bomb, after which it will be able to conduct negotiations from a position of power - and Israeli and American threats of an attack won’t help.


All of the Obama administration's overtures to the Arab and Muslim world have not yielded any results. The American president and his government do not understand the Middle East and are causing irreparable damage.


This failed policy is bolstering the extremists and reduces the chances of a peaceful resolution. We can only hope for a different American administration, one that will terminate this absurd plan before it becomes irreversible.



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