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Israel comes first

Op-ed: Better to have a somewhat displeased American president than a terror-ridden country

I'll let you in on a little secret: I've been thinking a lot about Shaul Mofaz lately. I believe that – like a young Ethiopian at the entrance to the Ganki club in Tel Aviv – he will eventually get in. As for Ofer Lifschitz of the Brit Olam ("Eternal Covenant") party, well, he says God sent him to us, yet everyone ignores him. This is terrible. What if God really sent him? It's unclear why God didn't give him a worthy advertising budget as well, but maybe he wants to tell us something through Lifschitz? Maybe God asked that he explain to us the purpose of creation?


Now I'll tell you another secret: Throughout this entire time not once was I bothered by what Barack Obama thinks. I suppose he does not like the fact that in Israel there is a government that protects the country's interests and does not embark on dangerous diplomatic adventures just to please the world.


Obama is not hiding his displeasure and is attacking Benjamin Netanyahu's policy from every direction. However, I'm convinced he will get along with a Netanyahu who stands up for his principles. He has no other choice.


The easiest thing for Netanyahu would be to become the darling of the international community. Such a goal would be very easy to achieve. Clinton worshipped Ehud Barak for offering the Golan Heights to Syria and Jerusalem to Arafat. Rabin and Peres were also admired in Europe because of the Oslo Accords. We even got the Nobel Prize, along with murderous suicide terror.


The disengagement from Gaza helped Arik Sharon a lot in his dealings with the Bush Administration and the press, which forgave him for the Greek island affair after he swung to the Left.


It was a pleasure traveling the world as prime minister back then, but it was very difficult to travel within Israel, as the disengagement brought rocket terror to the south, and the last withdrawals brought terror to the heart of Israel's cities; ruthless terror that was a direct result of Israeli concessions, which only proved there is no one on the other side who will agree to peace.


I prefer a somewhat displeased American president than a terror-ridden country.



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