Indictment: Policeman used taser 24 times at detainee

Sa'il Anim from Yiftah District patrol unit accused of tasering handcuffed man, then abusing him during ride to police station

Police Internal Affairs division of the Justice Ministry filed an indictment (electric shock weapon) against a policeman for unreasonable use of a taser gun, after the indicted officer shocked a detainee 24 times.


The indictment was filed with the Tel Aviv District Court a week after the release of a video in which a right wing activist was tasered.


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Sa'il Anim, 29, a police officer from the Yiftah District patrol unit, was accused of abusing a helpless person using a taser device unnecessarily. According to the indictment, he electrocuted the prisoner as he lay on the ground, sitting in the back seat of the car, and in the interrogation room – with no warning.


In another case, the man fell on the floor, and Anim pulled the trigger three more times, sending an electric shock through him.


According to the indictment, in January 2011, Anim and a policewoman arrested a person who told them they looked "bored.” In response, Anim ordered the man out of the car and while handcuffed, the policeman turned against him


In response, Anim ordered the man, still handcuffed, out of the patrol car, and at this point, tasered him.

Anim is also accused of having electrocuted the detainee nine more times through the arrows that were left in his flesh, even as he himself was driving the police car to take the suspect to the station.


In addition, he also hit the suspect in the head using a taser gun and cursed him. When they reached the station, as he led the detainee inside, he clicked on the trigger several more times – even doing so in the interrogation room. He also continued to beat and curse the suspect during interrogation.


The indictment also described another case which took place in February 2011, in which Anim used a taser unnecessarily, and even hit the man who was suspected of breaking into a vehicle. Anim was charged in September 2010 of arresting a person without just cause, and of hitting him in the arms.


Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino last week announced a freeze on the use of tasers in response to the storm unleashed after police were caught on tape tasering a detained Yitzhar activist, Boaz Albert. In the clip, a policeman is seen holding a stun gun in his hand and threatening to use it on Albert, even as the man pleads with the officer not to do so and declaring that he is not resisting arrest – all this took place in front of the children of the detained man.



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