Tiger in sheep's clothing

Op-ed: Israel's job is to convince world that Iran's conciliatory rhetoric is just another ploy

The Israeli response to the Iranian reconciliation offensive was quick and worthy. Even if there is some chance that Tehran is giving up on its nuclear adventure, we must assume that it isn't. A carnivorous tiger has to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle for at least five years before it achieves the status of a sheep.


Meanwhile, it is hard to detect any real vegetarian habits on the Iranian side. It is only the music that has been refined a little. The international sanctions are a burden on the ayatollahs' regime, and it is resorting to trickery in order to have them lifted. The first ploy was the election of Rohani as president by disqualifying candidates who posed a threat, and the most recent trick is the release of moderate statements the international community likes to hear. Rohani's remarks are aimed at allowing this tired and wavering community to determine that the Iranian president has climbed down from the nuclear tree.


Iran is "loyal" to its pledge not to seek nuclear weapons, President Rohani said in a statement to the press before leaving for the display of peace at the UN General Assembly in New York. This is a lie. Even if Iran does not succeed in developing these weapons, it undoubtedly aspires to develop them. A homemade atomic bomb has been at the top of Iran's list of aspirations since the 1980s. It has never officially declared this, but history has taught us that insane countries are careful not to expose their claws before they are able to accomplish what they set out to do. Until that time, they try to confuse the enlightened world with conciliation initiatives and peace babble.


Israel's job at this time is to make sure the enlightened world does not get confused. As long as Iran dreams out loud of annihilating Israel, we must not believe it when it claims its nuclear industry is meant for civilian purposes only. Since when is the regime in Tehran interested in its citizens?


Ever since the revolution of 1979, Iran has been run by a belligerent and cruel regime. Currently it is experiencing operational difficulties that are causing it to slow down the race toward a bomb, but this delay is merely part of the plan to accelerate the nuclear program. Iran is trying to show that it is extending its hand in peace, but we must continue to step on its thumb.



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