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Op-ed: Netanyahu has no other choice but to continue being chronic nagger warning against Iranian scheme

Prime ministers, like generals, are tested at times of crisis. When a bitter surprise follows a bitter surprise, and nothing goes by the book, that is precisely when the navigation skills of the people managing us are tested: Do they know how to move on from here and what to do tomorrow morning? Two-three days after the "historic" phone conversation between Obama and Rohani, I am under the impression that Netanyahu knows how to do that.


Despite the initial shock he must have suffered, he didn't rush to shoot from the hip in all directions. His initial response to the news of the treacherous affair was level-headed. The first wise thing he did was forbidding his ministers to issue hasty responses of their own, and he then sat down to draft a solo, accurate response.


A moment before taking off to the lion's den overseas, the prime minister spoke about Israel's need to tell the truth in the face of the Iranian sweet talk. And the sad truth is that our prime minister has no other choice but to continue being the chronic nagger warning against an Iranian scheme.


Even if the Iranians are indeed planning on selling their enrichment facilities to junk traders and hammering the ballistic missile system they have nurtured so much into pruning shears, Netanyahu must base his claims on the assumption that they are lying shamelessly. Until proven otherwise, he must continue crying out in his fluent English that Rohani's reconciliation festival at the UN General Assembly was one big fraud.


After all, we are not from the UN in this story; we are the country most threatened by the Iranians. Even now they keep dreaming out loud about a Middle East without Israel. So we cannot afford the pleasures of taking part in the festival. In the future it may turn out that they really did shelve their nuclear programs, but in the meantime it is our duty to raise the torch of suspicion in public. At the moment, that is exactly what Netanyahu is doing. At least for the coming days, he must not be interrupted.



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