Not giving diplomacy a chance

Op-ed: Instead of trying to force its opinion, Israel should have cautiously embraced change in Iranian rhetoric

There is something particularly disturbing about the acrobatic display Israel puts on whenever it is required to address the statements of the heads of our neighboring states. Whenever one of our enemies threatens to annihilate Israel, we scream out that their words should be taken seriously; that past experience has taught us that those who threaten mean what they say and will do whatever is needed to make good on their threats.


Whenever one of them claims that the Holocaust never happened and is a myth, Israel mentions the statement in every corner of the world to make certain that no one misses this nonsense or consider it an irresponsible slip of the tongue.


But if any of these heads of state says he is willing to negotiate or reach an agreement, Israeli prime ministers throughout the generations, including Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately discredit these overtures. The world which yesterday had to take every threat seriously, today is asked to acknowledge that every remark is part of a ploy, a scam.


Should we be regard Hassan Rohani's statements with suspicion? Certainly. Should we continue to monitor what is actually happening on the ground? Of course. Should we demand action from Iran rather than just words? Obviously. And this is most likely what is taking place and will continue to take place.


What is unnecessary, not to say foolish, is walking out of the hall in protest during Rohani's speech before the UN General Assembly. This is an attempt to force our opinion and demand that everyone reject the Iranian president's attempts to establish a new relationship.


What would have lost by welcoming the change in Iran's rhetoric or expressing hope for better days? At the same time we could have whispered in the ears of those who need to hear it that they must pay attention to what may be hiding behind these conciliatory statements.



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