Eitan Haber

Incitement must stop

Op-ed: Habayit Hayehudi's attacks on Tzipi Livni could lead to another political assassination

Riddles and jokes man Iche Mambush once said, "Don't waste desperation, you might still need it."


Based on this saying, one can tell the members of Habayit Hayehudi party today: You are partners of a coalition which decided to release terrorists with blood on their hands from prison in exchange for renewing talks with the Palestinians. Is it a bad deal? Well, you're part of it. That's the price, and here people are willing to pay almost any price for peace, serenity, calm or a ceasefire.


Habayit Hayehudi's attacks on Hatnua party are not even the foreword of the prelude of the introduction. It's safe to assume that much more bitter and serious arguments will follow, and therefore there is no point in wasting all the ammunition on a battle which has already been decided several months ago.


Habayit Hayehudi members must know that their partnership in the coalition is not just a standing ovation for their proposals, nor red carpets and business class flights. There are two sides to every coin, and as (Israeli composer and songwriter) Naomi Shemer said, "Al Hadvash Veal Haoketz, Al Hamar Vehamatok" (for the honey and for the bee sting, for the bitter and for the sweet). Now it’s apparently time for the sting and bitter.


Naftali Bennett and his friends should calm their colleagues down, so that we don't produce a new version of the "candle youth" here, and so that terrible act of madness, whose 18th anniversary is being marked these days, does not repeat itself.


With all due respect to Naftali Bennett and his friend, and we have respect for them, they must direct their claims at Netanyahu, who heads the government which decided to release prisoners, and not at Tzipi Livni, his emissary to the negotiations with the Palestinians.


Livni's family is as Zionist as Bennett and his fellow faction and party members. The actions and initiatives of the Livni family for the sake of the establishment of the State are bigger than the actions of the entire Habayit Hayehudi faction: Her father Eitan was the Irgun's operations officer, was jailed and banished to Kenya; her mother Sara was one of the Irgun's most famous fighters, and was even jailed in the women's prison in Bethlehem; and Tzipi Livni herself served as an IDF officer and worked in the Mossad.



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