Nothing will come of prisoners' release

Op-ed: Apart from Livni, no one here really believes peace will come from her talks with Erekat

The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, the most Sisyphean process since the days of Sisyphus himself, is once again exacting a heavy price from Israel.


Another group of dangerous terrorists is about to be released prematurely; terrorists who were supposed to remain behind bars for life in accordance with the court's ruling, are going home. They will be able to start a family – a privilege some of their victims did not have – and prove once again that there is nothing behind Israel's statements regarding its "unrelenting war on terror."


There is no other country in the world that releases its enemies at such a dizzying pace. So, what are the prisoners being released for this time? Only for the dubious privilege of talking to the Palestinians. Naftali Bennett's Habayit Hayehudi party was not being demagogic when it described the release of prisoners this week as an exorbitant price Israel is paying for Tzipi Livni's negotiation hobbies.


Apart from Livni herself, no one here really believes peace will come from her negotiations with Saeb Erekat. Netanyahu and Abbas resumed the peace talks mainly to get John Kerry off their backs and secure an alibi in case a third intifada erupts.


The release of terrorists may be the fuel that will ignite this intifada. Even if the released prisoners themselves will not return to their bad ways and instead begin an academic chapter in their lives, their release from prison as a group will create a sense of victory on the Palestinian side and generate a new round of violence.


The young generation will want to emulate the generation of "heroes." Israel will not be able to threaten it with severe punishment, because it is proving again and again that its severe punishments are no more than empty words in court rulings that are not implemented.


The sun shined, the butcher butchered, the judge judged and the government released.



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