Don’t stand in way of peace

Op-ed: Those damned murderers we are releasing today are some of bad symptoms of reality of occupation

It is in human nature to like accepting the good things and tend to reject the bad. An extreme rightist, just like a leftists, will admit that he would prefer if rain fell on fixed hours without destroying daily plans like a wedding, a business meeting or a soccer match.


As has been said in the past, there is no good without bad. The release of murderers becomes a moral nuisance every time we start dealing with it. The real problem occurs in the place where this claim puts on a military security disguise and strengthens the place of rightists who serve in their own eyes as the acting deputies of the chief of staff.


In the State of Israel, every former serviceman enjoys the rights reserved to professionals. When he becomes a politician, he won't even hesitate to use his allegedly professional experience in order to demonstrate that the release of prisoners is a very bad thing for the future of the State of Israel.


These politicians, who are trying to stop the only wagon rolling on the Israel-Palestine road right now, are trying to convince you that they understand about security much more than senior army officials, Shin Bet heads and simple Mossad men.


There is almost not a single military official in Israel today who will not say wholeheartedly that the occupation idea is very bad for the Jewish people: Those damned murderers we are releasing today are some of the bad symptoms of a reality in which our soldiers walk among them with weapons, tanks, uniform and helmets. Those terrible criminals we are setting free will return to a reality which will push them well into the open mouth of this dreadful conflict.


Want to be practical? Interested in doing everything for this nation's future? Drop your so-called ethical mantra and start acting morally: Don't stand in the way of peace, stop the orchestrated intimidation campaigns, and for once let yourself act like the responsible adults who understand that the army is not a child's play.



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