Words can kill

Op-ed: Ramallah's spokesmen, media planting idea to kill Jews in minds of 'lone' terrorists

The lone terrorist who murdered a soldier in Afula is not as alone as may seem. Someone planted the idea to kill a Jew in his mind. That someone also planted a similar idea in the minds of other lone terrorists who have operated here in recent weeks, leaving behind as many as four bodies of Jews: The Ramallah authorities.


Ramallah's media and its official spokesmen are running an advanced system of Israel hatred. They are taking advantage of the outrageous shortage of Arabic speakers in Israel in order to frantically incite against us.


The vast majority among us doesn't understand what they are saying about us in the Palestinian media outlets. To tell you the truth, we don't even have the energy to listen or read when it is translated to us.


Does anyone know, for example, that a children's show on Abbas' television channel presented an illustration describing the devil and the Jews as allies? Did anyone hear the Palestinian minister of religious affairs declare this week on that same channel that Muhammad and Arafat were both poisoned by Jews?


The terrorist from Afula must have heard it. Only a consistent drizzle of words of incitement can explain how a 16-year-old boy leaves Jenin for Afula in the morning with an amazing agenda: To find a job or stab a soldier.


Two weeks ago, he saw on television the warm reception organized by Abbas for the senior terrorists released and realized that their way was the right way. He may have also had the chance to watch a soccer tournament in which three teams were names after senior terrorists who became "shahidim" (martyrs). Just imagine what would happen over here if the Maccabi Baruch Goldstein team or Hapoel Natan-Zada would show up for a certain soccer tournament.


From time to time, the Israeli government voices its protest against this incitement, but for now this protest is just for the sake of protocol. The fact is that the strongly protesting government continues to negotiate with the system describing it on its TV as a Satan worshipper.



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