More pious than the pope

Op-ed: How can Israel provide medical care to granddaughter of one of its greatest enemies?

The Jews have proved once again that they are the most pious Christians on earth. The hospitalization services they offered voluntarily to the granddaughter of one of their greatest enemies puts them at a level of papal righteousness.


Grandpa Ismail Haniyeh plans a great Palestine from the sea to the river, a Palestine free of Jews – but the Jews themselves refuse to be petty and are attending to his little offspring, Amal. Someone in the Health Ministry or in perhaps the Foreign Ministry may have seen this as a golden opportunity to expose our beautiful face to the world: Look how good we are.


Well, we're neither good nor beautiful; we're mostly stupid. Providing devoted care to the granddaughter of a man who is responsible for our need to fortify children's rooms in an entire region of our country, as well as the hospitals within his missile range, points to bad moral taste. That is exactly what the wisest man of all implied to when he recommended in the Book of Ecclesiastes, "Be not overly righteous."


Had we been responsible in one way or another for Amal's critical medical condition, so be it. The Geneva Convention defines situations in which a state is obliged to care for its enemies as well. For example, when they are taken captive. But Amal is not a captive, and the State of Israel doesn't control the place she lives in for a long time now.


We pulled out of the area eight years ago to let the Palestinians control themselves. They received a golden opportunity to build a modern state of their own, including independent health infrastructures. Five minutes later they elected Grandpa Haniyeh as their ruler, a person whose only interest in life is Qassam infrastructures.


His working premise says that he can focus on killing Jews, but use their high-quality hospitals at times of emergency.


A year ago his brother-in-law was hospitalized here, now his granddaughter, and next year maybe he himself. Why not, actually?



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