Lavishness and insolence

Op-ed: While regular Israelis groan under burden of mortgage or rent, Netanyahus are puffing up

Something strange and dark is taking place in all of the Netanyahu couple's houses. Something gothic. Something over which it's time to lift the veil of secrecy.


It's time for the secret, nonexistent agreement – which was allegedly drafted by attorney Ne'eman for the couple after the "torrid tape" affair, and which allegedly details the arrangement the madam demanded in exchange for not leaving – to be fully unveiled. Perhaps it will provide some explanation for that insane baroque abundance of lavishness, those spine-tingling figures reminiscent of the expenses of the late Ceauşescu couple.


Why are there three large, luxury homes at our expense, when every other Israeli is groaning under the burden of a mortgage for one small apartment or unbearable rent, or has nothing? Why should we even budget the three of them? Why should we fund a budget of huge expenses for the private house in Caesarea, where the couple goes on weekends, including a water bill which a regular Israeli has to work for an entire year, eight hours a day, six days a week? Where do they get this despicable insolence to purchase flowers and ice cream, a swimming pool and laundry?


The more the Treasury's outcry over the situation grows, the more the middle class becomes impoverished, the more the working class suffocates with two jobs in order to stay poor, the more institutions are being shut down and welfare shrinks, the more privatizations and reductions, the more people are oppressed and crushed, the more pensions are impoverished and cut, the more social workers are reduced and VAT is increased, the more the salary of contract teachers is slashed.


The more patients crowd together in hospital corridors, the more you are asked to tighten the belt, the more there is no money to add NIS 50 to the pitiable NIS 350 earned by compulsory soldiers, the more our children are required to give three years of their life for free, the more elderly people live off pennies and the last Holocaust survivors live off donations – the more the Netanyahu family puts on weight and puffs up like a huge cake.


The only thing I would approve for the Netanyahu couple is the scented candles. Only a strong smell of wax can cover such a stench. Enough!



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