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Shaul Rosenfeld

Europe living in denial

Despite warning signs about Islamist invasion on one hand and radical rightist reaction on other, European establishment still refuses to accept reality.

"Multiculturalism has utterly failed," German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled in October 2010. It was just a year and a half after David Cameron harshly criticized the liberal immigration policy of then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, stating: "We let in some crazies, and didn't wake up soon enough."



But a brief moment after concluding her remarks about multiculturalism, Merkel went to the trouble of softening the message and paying the required lip service, explaining that "Islam has become part of Germany." Cameron was forced to go on the defensive and express remorse when his comments were published almost two years after they were made.


The other critical voices in the continent against the ongoing immigration were hushed and deemed inciting, racist and as having a far right touch. In the European "open sky" policy, there appeared to be no multiple signs that the continent was coming to its senses and putting an end to the absorption of immigrants.


So when the official Europe and the European establishment is still insisting on not waking up from its dogmatic sleep, and when the wake-up call Cameron so hoped for is failing to arrive, it's only natural for it to wake up several years later, frantic over the results of the European Parliament elections, in which the far right and neo-Nazis made unprecedented gains, and even clarified that taking over the government in key countries will become a feasible mission if Europe sticks to its policy.


Journalists in Europe, who did everything in their power in the past decade to conceal the failed integration of the "new immigrants" from Islamic countries, the soaring crime rates, the violence, the imams' inciting words, the oppression of women and the acts of rape in immigration centers in the continent's cities, and who made sure to lash out at anyone who dared question that immigration – are now shocked at the election results and running huge, hysterical headlines such as "Earthquake," "Catastrophe," "Europe is going back several decades" and "The continent is returning to the dark ages."


Intellectuals in the continent, who in the past few years inflamed the media denial of the Islamic immigration problem and blasted anyone who spoke ill of its "blessed" contribution, have been riled up since the elections.


Academics and cultural figures – who haven't ceased to joyfully lament the sinking nationalism in the continent in recent years – are now forced to view the lively and kicking nationalism on Europe's streets like in eastern Ukraine.


Politicians from the continent's central stream, who buried their heads in the sand and turned it into a profession and turned political correctness into a binding decree, are staring yearningly at figures like Udo Voigt from the German National Democratic Party (NPD), which claims that "Europe is a continent for white people," take their seat at the European Parliament.


Citizens refusing to swallow liberal pill

This is the mess that the continent's leaders, its superficial journalists and other honorable people created for the continent's subjects. A mess which more and more Europeans can no longer deal with, realizing that when the sword of Islam hangs over their continent's ancient cultural and demographic identity, voting for far right elements, and even for neo-Nazis, is not an indecent option.


This is also the "immigrants' stew" which local rights organizations and leftist groups have tried and are still trying to spoil here too – whether by objecting to the erection of a fence on the border with Sinai and torpedoing the effective "hot return" of infiltrators to Sinai, or by their stubborn attempt to prevent their removal from Israel through propaganda, financial aid and appeals to the High Court of Justice and foreign elements.


It should be noted that not every Muslim in the continent properly observes the commands of the Islam, Sharia and jihad, but when the options they face are either Europe and its culture or Muhammad's religion and its derivatives – the majority of the sons of Islam favor the values of their family home over those of the new European home.


This was understood by an increasing number of Europeans who made their way to the voting stations last week, with the pictures of the Madrid attacks and the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam in 2004 still fresh in their minds, as well as the London attacks in 2005, the riots in response to the publication of the Muhammad cartoons in Denmark that year (which led to the killing of more than 1,000 people around the world) and the slaughter of a British soldier in the middle of London by Michael Adebolajo and his friend in 2013.


And yet, despite the variety of warning signs piling up in the continent, about the invasion of Islamists on the one hand and the radical rightist to neo-Nazi reaction on the other, it seems that the European establishment, with its academic, media and cultural extensions, has yet to internalize the trouble and continues to click its tongue, refuse to accept responsibility and deny reality and the approaching calamity.


For some reason, a growing number of Europe's veteran citizens are refusing to swallow this liberal pill, to its producers' great sorrow.


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