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Abbas has yet to prove that he's a partner

Op-ed: Israelis praising Palestinian president should curb their enthusiasm and judge him by his deeds, not by his words.

I have been wondering for many years when the Palestinians and Arab states will finally understand that there is no possibility of wiping Israel off the map, certainly not through acts of terror.



It's true that these acts are very painful for us, but they won't make us disappear like our enemies hope. Israel is not only alive and kicking, it has even become one of the most developed, advanced and good countries in the universe. A country with huge and rare accomplishments in most fields, from high-tech to medicine, from literature to agriculture.


So it's true that the Jewish state's enemies are still capable of murdering Israelis here and there and even kidnapping some, but surely even for those people who have become blinded by so much fanaticism and hatred, the penny has to finally drop at some point.


In light of their decades-long failure, it's time for the Palestinians to wake up from their illusions and look for a way to live with us and accept us as an established fact. They should talk to us in a serious and businesslike manner, because after all, an agreement with Israel will serve as a blessing also, and mainly, for them and for their future in all areas.


The strange thing is that even their allegedly advanced leaders apparently still don't understand the situation, and instead of talking to us about agreements they are trying to overpower us by turning to the United Nations and its many institutions – as if that's where the salvation they are searching for will come from.


I have written this before and I will write it again: Even if the Palestinians become members of dozens of institutions and the UN supports them on every level (as it has been doing for many years), in addition to the support of some 350 million Arabs and about a billion Muslims, they still won't have a state. Because, what can you do, without an agreement with Israel their ambition will not come true. Israel makes up 50% of this conflict, and without it there will be no Palestinian state.


I'll go back for a moment to the kidnapping of the three teens. Not soldiers, not fighters, just students. This criminal and outrageous act proves who the people behind it really are – conscienceless, bloodthirsty and overwhelmed by hatred, and with whom the entire enlightened world disagrees.


It's true that Mr. President, Mahmoud Abbas, spoke against the kidnapping in public nine days later, but it seemed pretty artificial to me. I believe that the main reason for his reservations stems from the fact that both the Americans and the Europeans were very unhappy, to say the least, with the abduction, which took place on a territory he controls.


I also found it difficult to accept Abbas' comment that he was doing everything in his power to find the kidnapped teens , as it's hard to believe that his different security organizations had no information about the abduction carried out under their noses. Is it possible that all these people have no connections, no acquaintances and no leakers? It makes no sense at all.


So I suggest that all those Israelis, who are declaring that Abbas is a real partner for talks on an agreement, curb their enthusiasm just a bit. A person should not be judged by his words, but by his actions. So let's wait a bit before we praise President Abbas.


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