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US President Barack Obama. 'Administration attacking Israel directly and openly'
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Obama's wars on Israel

Op-ed: Ban on flights to Israel was just another attempt by US administration to force Israel to accept difficult conditions in Gaza.

Artificial sweet talk in public and stabs in the back behind the scenes – that's how we should describe the attitude of US President Barack Obama's administration towards us. From now on we can also call it "Obama's wars on Israel."



The first war was in the 2011 Arab Spring, when this American regime tried to portray the events as a sort of marvelous democratic uprising, compared to the obsolete Israeli democracy which is lagging behind. This is the way the Arab uprising was explicitly described by some members of Obama's staff, all Jews of course.


Then came reality and hit Obama in the face, as the Arabs – all of them – collapsed: Syria died, Iraq died, Libya died, and an Arab democracy remained solely in the American hallucinations.


The second war was Secretary of State John Kerry's desperate attempt in 2013 to reduce Israel's size to the point of putting it in existential danger. He forced Israel and Mahmoud Abbas into futile but dangerous negotiations, which evoked destructive Islamic urges and deteriorated the security situation both in the Palestinian Authority and in Israel.


Encouraged by Kerry, the Palestinians' imagination began going wild: They would receive Jerusalem, the return of the refugees, the Jordan Valley, lands, prisoners – and the result was arrogance, and therefore violence, defiance and self-destruction.


Of course those American diplomats rushed to blame Israel for all the world's troubles, at their master's order, but that war failed too. Israel insisted on its right to exist, and not to turn Judea and Samaria into Gaza.


Where is that Kerry today, the man wanted to hand Judea Samaria over to Arab sovereignty? Why everything that is happening in Gaza would have happened here, and that would have been the end of Israel. Fortunately, the Gaza war broke out now, because it illustrates what would have happened if, God forbid, we would have transferred more lands to the Arab terror.


The third war is taking place now, and we must admit that the Obama regime is not giving up: An attempt to force Israel to accept difficult conditions in the Gaza Strip, including through the outrageous ban on flights to Israel. The ban was issued by the American FAA, a federal administration subject to the US secretary of transportation. As opposed to previous wars, in which the administration warned against an intifada or European boycott – it is now attacking Israel directly and openly, and trying to suffocate it.


This administration is closer today to Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood or to Iran, which encourage terror, than to Israel. This is an astonishing blindness, an abandonment of the West's leadership and a cultural decline at an inconceivable magnitude.


This isn't the first time Kerry is caught smiling at Israel while inciting against it behind the scenes. But not just towards Israel. This is also a betrayal of the moderate axis of the Middle East – Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia – as well as encouraging and rewarding jihadist terror, and a betrayal of all the real American values.


Israel will manage to free itself of this attack too, and the American curse will turn into a blessing also here – because the Palestinian sides are collapsing as it is, and going back to being portrayed as terrorists in the world.


But before the upcoming Congress elections, every American citizen should know how this American administration treats its only ally in the Middle East – and vote accordingly.


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