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Slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Oslo Agreement was actually approved with a majority of 11 MKs
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Eitan Haber

The truth we should remember about Yitzhak Rabin

Op-ed: The settlers' oiled and efficient propaganda machine sold to the public that the Oslo Agreement was approved in the Knesset with a majority of only two votes. That's complete and utter nonsense.

1. Defense attorney: The State of Israel provided Adolf Eichmann, who planned and executed the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust, with a defense attorney. The outcome of the trial was known in advance, and yet he was treated according to all rules. John Demjanjuk was also allowed to defend himself through a defense attorney.



But the murderer – may he be damned – of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin did not provide his victim with any means of defense. He judged. He sentenced. He executed.


What if Rabin had attenuating circumstances in a trial? His years as the commander of the Harel division in the bitter and bloody battles to break the siege of Jerusalem in the War of Independence? His days as the chief of staff who prepared the IDF for its victory in the Six-Day War?


But the despicable murderer did not give the murdered any chance. And he himself, the killer, a piece of rubbish which should be destroyed, is even getting a reward from the state whose history he overturned. He is permitted to start a family, to have children.


2. The left: After his death, Yitzhak Rabin's memory was drawn to the margins of the margins of the left-wing camp. Although there is no "what if" in history, I assume that had he been asked, this would not exactly have been his intention.


How do I know? At least in one case he had to decide, as prime minister, between a meeting with the leaders of the Peace Now movement and a meeting with the heads of the Yesha Council. He asked to meet with the Yesha people as soon and possible and asked to postpone, again and again, the meeting with the Peace Now people, with whom he had met twice, maybe three times, throughout his entire term.


3. Propellers: When Rabin said that his opponents could "spin like propellers," he was referring first and foremost to a member of the Golan Communities Committee, a member of his own camp in the Labor Party, who would ceaselessly walk around the Prime Minister's Office and wouldn't stop nagging him.


The settlers' efficient and oiled propaganda machine immediately created a buzz of ridicule and disregard towards the statement and the man. Good for them.


By the way, Rabin apologized at least once in an Israeli newspaper in Los Angeles for calling Israeli emigrants "nefolet she nemushot" (the fallout of weaklings). But who cares about that today, if it gives us another chance to attack him?


4. Oslo: That same oiled and efficient propaganda machine sold to the public, which bought into it of course, that the Knesset had approved the Oslo Agreement with a majority of only two votes, and ridiculed the "Mitsubishi car" which one Knesset member allegedly got in exchange for his vote.


That's complete and utter nonsense. The Oslo Agreement was approved with a majority of 11 MKs: Sixty-one in favor, 51 against, eight abstained and one MK who was absent. The current coalition would "kill" for such a majority in many of its votes. And by the way, the finger and vote of a Knesset member can be bought today for the price of less than one wheel of a "Mitsubishi."


5. The truth: The Oslo Agreement created a new history (and, admittedly, terror activities), but the propaganda machine has a very urgent and important need to stress the more detailed Oslo-B Agreement, and only because it was indeed approved with a majority of two votes after two MKs decided to quit the Labor faction before the vote. The two were Avigdor Kahalani and the late Emanuel Zisman.


Well, here's a scoop, before you applaud Kahalani and dance with him all the way to the Likud faction in the Knesset: Moments before the Knesset vote, Kahalani informed Rabin that he was returning to the Labor Party, and it was only a vile leak of his intention that thwarted his return home.


6. Punishment: Only three days before his murder, Rabin sat down for a conversation with the Yesha Rabbinical Council. Those who arrived included at least some of the rabbis who had issued a "Din Rodef" (a provision in Jewish law permitting extrajudicial killings) against him, if not explicitly then implicitly.


Many or all of them still serve in religious positions. They have not been investigated, they have not been questioned, and they have definitely not been detained and arrested. Are you crazy? Rabbis in prison?


By the way, the seculars who led the incitement campaigns were not interrogated either. One of them, it's hard to believe, even serves in some culture association. He is very cultural man. He can even read and write.


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