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Contrary to what the commentators say, America is not turning its back on Israel
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America and Israel: A love story

Op-ed: While Israeli public has been misled into thinking that we are in a crisis with US public, annual Gallop poll points to record high support for Israel.

For several weeks now, we have been hearing in the media that Israel's relationship with the United States is ruined. "It's irreversible," one commentator prattled. "America has completely turned its back on us," another commented. "The relations have never been so bad," a third one added, and a fourth one concluded that "it's hopeless and finished."



The perplexed citizen asks himself how is it possible that one speech in the parliament, a place where the entire essence is to listen to speeches, managed to destroy our relationship with our great and historic friend. Can a decades-long alliance be erased in one moment?


Well, nothing of the kind has happened. America is not turning its back on us, and there have already been conflicts in the past, even greater ones, with the American administration on critical issues.


Fortunately, the prestigious Gallup research institute this week published its annual index, which at how the American public perceives Israel. The index has been published regularly for a quarter of a century now, since 1989, and includes a surprise for our commentators: A record high support for Israel. Seventy percent of Americans view Israel favorably.


Gallup poll shows 70% of Americans view Israel favorably (Photo: AP)
Gallup poll shows 70% of Americans view Israel favorably (Photo: AP)


A look at the Gallup ranking of the Americans' attitude towards Israel over the years points to a rise in this public's support: In 1992, the overall American level of support for Israel was 47%, in 2000 it was 54%, and since then it has continued to climb to its current level. In other words, this is a demonstrated, strong friendship.


The survey was conducted after the alleged clashes with US President Barack Obama and after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to address the Congress was already made public. So it seems that the commentators misled the Israeli public into thinking that we are in a crisis with the broad American public.


By the way, according to the survey, only 17% of the American public views the Palestinian Authority favorably – a pretty permanent rate, which is based – among other things – on the Muslim voice and on the voice of American Jews from the radical left.


An examination of the Democrats and Republicans' attitude towards Israel reveals a difference: While the Republicans' supporters are in love with Israel, with a record high support level of 83%, the Democrats' support level fell to 48% this year. The Democrats, however, have never really liked Israel, and their support level since 1989 has always been below 50%, excluding last year when it reached 55%.


Jews in the United States tend to vote for the Democrats, but it seems that due to the hostile attitude towards Israel, some of them are beginning to move from the Democratic camp to the Republican camp. The change in the Jewish voting pattern should particularly concern the Democrats ahead of next year's presidential election. They must rebuild the destruction created by the Obama administration if they wish to stop the Jewish shift towards their rivals.


The American public's support is increasing also due to the global war on terror, as Israel and the US stand together in the Western civilization's defense, and as Europe is being washed by Islam. The American public is aware of this very special alliance, which is not only built on interests but also on a shared goal to advance democracy and freedom in the world, in the spirit of Israel's prophets.


Both Israel and the US are built on this noble purpose, which is exclusively unique to these two countries. The Obama administration may not share this goal, but the Obama administration will come to an end in about a year and a half from now.


Are these figures only reflecting a trend or also creating it? There isn't a single Congress member or senator who hasn't seen the Gallup data – who the American public loves – and whoever goes against the broad public will likely be punished by the public. It's a shame that the Gallup index is not receiving much exposure in Israel.


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