Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit
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Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit

Explosive devices stolen from IDF base

Military investigators rush to IDF combat engineers base in Golan Heights after routine stock count reveals disappearance of explosive devices, mines, anti-tank weapons and hundreds of M16 5.56mm bullets.

Dozens of explosive devices, including mines, were stolen Monday morning from an IDF combat engineers base in the Golan Heights, prompting an immediate investigation by the army's investigative police units.



Upon their arrival at the base, investigators began questioning soldiers and commanders, hoping to recover the weapons before they reach their likely purchasers—crime syndicates which use them for deadly mafia-related hits.


Ammunition and magazines (Photo: Israel Police) (Photo: Israel Police)
Ammunition and magazines (Photo: Israel Police)


The discovery was made when a routine stock count showed the expected number falling significantly short.


Commanders also launched an investigation to ascertain whether anybody abandoned their guard post outside the warehouse and whether anyone had entered the base without required authorization or without being escorted in accordance with standard protocol.


Among other things, investigators discovered a shortfall in the number of mines, anti-tank equipment and explosive charges, along with hundreds of 5.56mm bullets used in M16 rifles.


In July, two brothers working as civilian contractors at an IDF base north of Be'er Sheva were suspected of breaking into the base's armory and stealing weapons and ammunition in order to sell them to criminal organizations.


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