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PM Netanyahu with his eldest son, Yair (Photo: AFP)
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Netanyahu hopes children do not go into politics

In an interview with Fox News, PM Netanyahu expresses his wish that his children do not follow in his footsteps and become politicians; 'It's a very tough life,' explains Netanyahu, who admits that 'maybe one' of his children will nevertheless find himself in politics.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would rather his children not go into politics, this according to a trailer from an interview of his, to be broadcast at 3:00am, between Sunday and Monday, on Fox News' interview program Objectified, with Harvey Levin.



Responding to a question by Levin about "either" of his children, Netanyahu expressed his hopes that his children will not go into politics.


Netanyahu has three children—a daughter, Noa, from his first marriage to Miriam Weizmann; and two sons, Yair and Avner, from his third and current marriage to Sara Netanyahu.


Netanyahu speaking with Fox's Harvey Levin    (פוקס ניוז)

Netanyahu speaking with Fox's Harvey Levin   (Video: Fox News)


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Nevertheless, Netanyahu stated that "it doesn't help" that he tells his children to avoid the political arena, as he thinks that one of them might still want to go into politics. 


PM Netanyahu with his eldest son, Yair (Photo: AFP) (Photo: AFP)
PM Netanyahu with his eldest son, Yair (Photo: AFP)


Though he did not specify which child he was referring to, over the past few months it has been Netanyahu's eldest son, Yair, who has drawn the spotlight onto himself in a decidedly controversial manner: after being criticized for continuing to live in the Prime Minister's Residence on the taxpayers' money, receiving extravagant gifts from Australian billionaire James Packer—who is currently seeking residency in Israel—and not picking up after Kaia, the family dog, Yair Netanyahu posted an edited version of a caricature lifted from a neo-Nazi website, ridiculing several of his father's more persistent critics.


Among those superimposed on the caricature he had posted on Facebook was former prime minister Ehud Barak, who responded by suggesting the state begin funding the young Netanyahu therapy. Yair shot back by referring to Barak as a coward and hinting that he was an alcoholic. 


The anti-Semitic caricature Yair Netanyahu had posted
The anti-Semitic caricature Yair Netanyahu had posted


Yair Netanyahu has since removed the anti-Semitic caricature from his Facebook page.

 (Photo: Yuval Hen)
(Photo: Yuval Hen)


In the interview's trailer, Netanyahu is described as one of the most important people in the world. He is additionally expected to talk about the loss of his brother Yoni, who was killed during Operation Entebbe, in which elite IDF soldiers in a successful mission to free Israeli citizens from a terrorist cell that had hijacked.


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