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Sinai mosque after Friday's terror attack
Photo: Reuters
Ben-Dror Yemini

Jihadist terror needs no excuse

Op-ed: The arguments, explanations and even justifications of terror attacks provided by different commentators and experts distort the truth. And as the ‘circles of progress’ become jihad’s allies, Muslims keep paying the price.

It was the deadliest terror attack since the 9/11 attacks in the United States 16 years ago. At least 305 people were murdered. Had 30 people been murdered in a terror attack any European city, the attack would have likely received much more coverage by the global media. Because when Muslims massacre Muslims, it doesn't mean as much to the world. It’s a lot less moved.



Even worse is the fact that the massacre was immediately followed by explanations: The Bedouins in Sinai, according to commentators, are deprived by the Egyptian government. Poor things. They’re just reacting.


With all due respect to the different experts and commentators, they have lost their mind. Are you serious? Is that an excuse for such a murderous massacre? Is that the reason for intentionally firing on infants, women, children, elderly people—hundreds of innocent people? Is government deprivation, assuming there was deprivation, the reason? Why, the only sin of those who were murdered was that they were there, within the jihadists’ reach.


How can deprivation be an excuse for such a murderous massacre?  (Photo: Reuters)
How can deprivation be an excuse for such a murderous massacre? (Photo: Reuters)


We’re also being told that it happened in a mosque which belongs to the Sufist sect, and that’s becoming an excuse too. What does that have to do with anything? Islam has many sects. The Sufists are Sunnis. Many of those who come to pray at Sufist mosques don’t even belong to the Sufist sect. Is that the reason? Only a week ago, 58 people were murdered in the Nigerian town of Mubi. It happened inside a Sunni mosque, neither Shiite not Sufist.


Jihad doesn’t need any excuse. The arguments and explanations provided by the different commentators and experts are a mockery of a tragedy. They castrate the truth. Because inasfar as the deadly results of jihadist terror can be followed, more than 95 percent of its victims are Muslim and nearly 70 percent are Sunnis murdered by Sunnis. So the glaring truth is that a weed has grown within Islam, and murder is its flag. Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, formulated this ideology in 1938 in an article titled “The industry of death.”


And no, this isn’t a battle against heretics. Quite the opposite. In fact, as a community becomes more devout, the level of victims in that community rises. After all, the Sharia laws have already been imposed in the areas where jihad is operating in northern Nigeria. And the Taliban murders masses of Sunni Muslims, although they haven’t sinned and haven’t deprived and haven’t denied religious principles. On the contrary, they have become even more religious. Taliban suicide bombers have repeatedly detonated explosives in crowded markets in Sunni-populated areas. Most of the victims have been children and women wearing burkas.


 (Photo: MCT)
(Photo: MCT)


There are other deprived groups in the world. Aren’t there deprived Christians in Africa? Of course there are. Haven’t Jews been persecuted and deprived wherever they lived? Aren’t the Copts deprived in Egypt? Aren’t the Romani people deprived all over Europe? Aren’t black people deprived? Oddly enough, none of these groups has produced a sect engaged in organized, worldwide murder. There are no Romani or black jihad cells. And the Jews didn’t launch an endless campaign of revenge against the Germans.


The jihadists, on the other hand, have turned to murder and are receiving PR ranging from explanations (in the worst case) to justifications (in the even worse case). It starts with those who explain that it’s a response to deprivation, and it’s aggravated by those who explain that it’s the West’s fault for mistreating the East. It’s an illness which is common among some of the progressive circles, which have become jihad’s allies.


The Swedes should be punished for their involvement in Afghanistan, wrote suicide bomber Taimour Abdul Wahab, who tried to carry out a mass terror attack in Stockholm. Famous Swedish writer Henning Mankell responded in an article filled with self-guilt and self-denigration: The West is committing crimes; jihad is simply responding. That was the spirit of many scholars’ reactions following the terror attacks in the US. They are hurting us, they explained, because we’re wrong. Excuse me? The West harmed black people, Jewish people, Romani people, and they didn’t produce groups of murderers. These “experts” are so captivated by post-colonialist theories that it’s hard to confuse them with facts.


The jewel in the crown of foolishness belongs to Miko Peled, a former Israeli, the son of Major-General Matti Peled, who tweeted: “As we mourn the loss of innocents in northern Sinai we must remember that this terrorism is a direct result of the regional instability caused by (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah) al-Sisi and his criminal collaboration with Israel.” The problem is that Peled is a popular lecturer in respected forums. And so, the “circles of progress” will keep providing empty explanations, and the Muslims will keep paying the price.


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