Cpl. J. after the attack
3 Bedouin troops arrested over beating of Muslim soldier
In recording obtained by Ynet, commanders of the unit can be heard verbally abusing the soldier before he is violently attacked by soldiers; 'I don't give a f*** about you. Work and don't talk too much.'
The military Criminal Investigations Division (CID) arrested three combat soldiers during the last twenty-four hours from a Gaza Division Bedouin reconnaissance unit on suspicion of involvement in the attack against an Arab-Muslim combat soldier Friday morning.



In recordings obtained by Ynet that took place before the violent incident, one of his commanders stationed in an IDF outpost near the Gaza Strip border can be heard saying shortly before the attack: “I don’t give a f*** about you or the brigade commander.”


One of the people arrested was a company commander of the attacked soldier.


Audio recording of abuse (Arabic and Hebrew)

Audio recording of abuse (Arabic and Hebrew)


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According to suspicions, one of the commanders of the soldier, identified as Corporal J., cursed and threatened him. Shortly after, two soldiers beat him up until other soldiers arrived to put a stop to the violence.


Cpl. J. was treated in Soroka University Medical Center in Be’er Sheva having sustained injuries to his eyes. He was also bleeding from his face and suffering from severe pain in his back.


He was discharged from hospital the same night and sent home for five days.


In the audio recording of the violent attack, comments made by two of the soldier’s commanders minutes beforehand can be heard, with one of them saying to Cpl. J: “I don’t give a f*** about you or the brigade commander. Don’t speak too much. Go to the brigade commander, I don’t care.”


Another commander can be heard saying: “You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a man, not a woman. Shut your mouth and that’s it. Work. Don’t be like weak children.”


After the incident, the soldier can be heard saying: “I don’t want to talk about anything. When I spoke they suddenly they attacked me. Both of them attacked me.”


The motive behind the attack remains unclear, and is being investigated by the unit.


Ali, the father of Cpl. J, explained that his son had volunteered as an Arab-Muslim to serve ten months ago as a combat soldier in the IDF, but due to harassment he faced from soldiers in his reconnaissance unit he went AWOL for just short of a month.


Cpl. J. after the attack
Cpl. J. after the attack


Last week, he returned to his unit and was summoned for a disciplinary hearing in a military court, where he was sentenced to spend 34 days in military prison.


Until the beginning of his sentence, the soldier was instructed to perform administrative tasks such as kitchen duty. For reasons that remain unclear, he consistently faced violent and humiliating treatment from the soldiers.


“He is in a serious mental state,” the father said Saturday night in an interview with Ynet, while also expressing concerns over the conduct of the investigation.


“We will request that he be transferred to serve on another base. We put him in the army so he could contribute and in the end this is what they did to him. We have other family relatives who serve in the police and the army. This is our country that gives us rights and (good) conditions so we need to contribute towards it too,” Ali said.


In a statement issued by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, it was said that “the matter is being investigated by CID and once the inquiry concludes, its findings will be given to the Military Advocate General for review. The IDF handles any instances of violence with the utmost severity, and shows zero tolerance for them."


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