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Report: Corbyn shared panel with major Hamas terrorists

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hosted panel at a 2012 conference in Doha attended by former Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Palestinian terrorists released in Shalit deal, including Husam Badran and Abdul Aziz Umar, according to the Daily Telegraph.

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a 2012 conference that included speeches by Hamas terrorists released under the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal, and later described their remarks as “fascinating and electrifying,” according to a report in The Daily Telegraph on Sunday.



Corbyn hosted a two-hour panel discussion at a conference on Palestinian refugees, which was held in April 2012 in Doha, Qatar, according to video obtained by the Telegraph.


The staunch Israel opponent shared a platform with former Hamas head Khaled Mashaal and former Hamas military commander in the Samaria Husam Badran, among others. 


Jeremy Corbyn (file photo) (Photo: Getty Images)
Jeremy Corbyn (file photo) (Photo: Getty Images)


Badran, who was given a 17-year prison sentence in Israel for terror attacks carried out during the Second Intifada, was expelled to Qatar upon his release, where he acted as the terror group's spokesperson.


He was responsible for the Dolphinarium discotheque massacre carried out by Hamas in Tel Aviv on June 1, 2001, which left 21 Israelis dead, as well as the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing on August 1, 2001, which left 15 Israelis dead.


Badran also ordered the Passover massacre in 2002, in which a Hamas suicide bomber blew himself up at the Park Hotel in Netanya while Jews were celebrating Seder night, killing 30 Israelis and injuring 140.


“The nakba (‘catastrophe,’ the Palestinians' term for their displacement during the 1948 War of Independence), which made us refugees, took place via force, and the return will be only viable through military and armed resistance and nothing else,” Badran reportedly said at the conference in Doha, according to the Telegraph.


Husan Badran
Husan Badran


Another participant in the conference was Abdul Aziz Umar, who was given seven life sentences for his role in the 2003 bombing of Jerusalem’s Cafe Hillel, which claimed seven Israeli lives.


Corbyn’s complimentary reflections on the conference, which he wrote in his regular column in the Morning Star newspaper, were published earlier this month on Iranian state television.


"I met many of the brothers, including the brother who’s been speaking here...when I was in Doha earlier this year," Corbyn told the Iranian PressTV, referring to Umar.


The Labour party rejected the report, insisting he had never praised the Hamas members’ statements and that his reference to them as “brothers” was acceptable and said in the context of addressing Muslims.


During the conference, Corbyn also praised as a "huge victory" the decision of a British court not to deport the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Raed Salah.


Salah's entry to the UK was barred by Theresa May, at the time the Home Office secretary, over his incitement against Jews. Salah violated the ban by entering the UK several months before the conference and was arrested. But an immigration tribunal accepted his appeal and overturned the ban.



Corbyn, according to the Telegraph, invited Salah for tea on the British Parliament's terrace and stressed Salah's right "to speak publicly."


Corbyn's spokesman told the Telegraph in response that "Jeremy has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and engaging with actors in the conflict to support peace and justice in the Middle East. That is the right thing to do."


There have recently been calls in the Labour Party to oust Corbyn from the Labour leadership due to his extreme anti-Israeli positions, with Jewish Labour MPs calling on him to resign amid accusations of anti-Semitism in the party.


Earlier this month, the British Daily Mail published photos of Corbyn visiting the graves of the terrorists behind the 1972 Munich Massacre in Tunisia in 2014.


Over the past four years, Corbyn has been denying attending a memorial service for members of the Black September terror organization, claiming he had actually attended a service commemorating the 47 Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike on a Tunisian PLO base in 1985.


But the photos published by the Daily Mail holding a wreath over the grave of Atef Bseiso, the head of intelligence for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), who helped plan the attack at the Munich Olympics, which claimed the lives of 11 Israeli athletes.


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