Cpl. M.

'I did everything to defend my commanding officer'

'It was either me or the terrorist,' recounts Cpl. M., a driver in the Hebron DCL who came under attack by a scissors-wielding Palestinian; 'This isn't Tel Aviv or Be'er Sheva, you have to be alert all the time,' the soldier explains.

The military driver who shot and killed the terrorist who stabbed him on Monday in Hebron told Ynet he had done "everything to defend my commanding officer."



Cpl. M. serves as a combat service support driver in the IDF, but believes that despite not being a combat soldier himself, "a soldier must react like this; it doesn't matter if he's a cook or a paratrooper."


Cpl. M. was touring the area near the Cave of the Patriarchs with his commanding officer when he "heard three calls of 'Allahu Akbar.' I turned my head, and there, a meter away, I saw the terrorist holding a sharp object in his hand and jump me. I fought him, and during the fight I was stabbed in my chest and hand."


Cpl. M.
Cpl. M.


When the terrorist moved the scissors he was attacking Cpl. M. with from one hand to the other, the soldier saw an opportunity. "I took a few steps back, and he tried to stab me in the gut," he said. "In that time, I quickly cocked my rifle and shot at him to neutralize him."


"After I shot him, I made sure he wouldn't be able to get up again and stab. The entire incident lasted maybe two minutes," he added.


Golani soldiers patrolling the area then arrived at the scene from a nearby post to close off the area and isolate the scene.


Cpl. M., who received praise from his commanders for his quick action, joined the IDF 11 months ago. He serves in the Hebron District Coordination and Liaison Administration (DCL).


"I'm always alert, because I don't know where (the threat) can come from. This isn't Tel Aviv or Be'er Sheva, you have to be alert all the time," Cpl. M. said.


Scene of the attack (Photo: TBS)
Scene of the attack (Photo: TBS)


"I've been thinking back at the attack over the last few hours and realize that if I hadn't reacted as I did, I'd be dead now. It was either me or the terrorist," he went on to say.


The terrorist, a 42-year-old resident of Hebron, succumbed to his wounds. Cpl. M. only suffered minor injuries.


The head of the Civil Administration, Brig. Gen. Achvat Ben-Hur, praised Cpl. M. "You acted bravely, neutralized the terrorist quickly, professionally and with determination, while protecting the officer you were securing," he said.



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