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'The desire to torture people for aging is
Raised Catholic in NY, Anne Hathaway's mother-in-law sparked her admiration for
Amir Kaminer, Berlin (19:09 , 30.09.23 )
Rotem Sela and Lior Raz are working on a secret
Exclusive: The two stars with Israeli journalist Avi Issacharoff created a
Ran Boker (10:45 , 28.09.23 )
Golden Globes film critic Howaida Hamdy expelled
Egyptian member of the Golden Globes voting body expelled following discovery of
Daniel Edelson, New York (21:12 , 27.09.23 )
'I don't think a man would have been assaulted
Isabelle Huppert's two latest films are based on true events; Speaking to Ynet,
Amir Kaminer (23:47 , 22.09.23 )
New ADL initiative takes aim at antisemitism in
Following Bardley Cooper’s ‘Jewface’ controversy, hate watchdog launches Media &
Daniel Edelson, New York (23:41 , 18.09.23 )
JewFace: Is Hollywood's casting controversial or
Hollywood grapples with questions about non-Jewish actors playing Jewish roles
Benjamin Tovias (19:08 , 17.09.23 )
Netflix acquires rights to Israeli TV series
Eight-episode drama starring singer Shlomi Shabbat and comedian Shalom
I24NEWS (09:44 , 12.09.23 )
Rare Star Wars X-Wing model featured in first
Starfighter model, one of only four ever created for close-up shots in the final
Ynetnews (22:48 , 11.09.23 )
Russian officials enraged by historical
Claiming the movie not only mistimes historical events and references Ukraine as
Itamar Eichner (13:20 , 10.09.23 )
The man who stole Einstein's brain
Pathologist Dr. Thomas Harvey was unusually fixated on Einstein's brain, which
Mor Shimoni (14:20 , 09.09.23 )
Unabashed: Adam Sandler's brand of Judaism is
While Hollywood heavy-hitters like Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg exhibit
Benjamin Tovias (13:26 , 07.09.23 )
Not giving up on Hollywood: Noa Kirel to star in
Pop singer to head to New York in April for shooting of $2 million film insiders
Ran Boker (09:51 , 06.09.23 )
Traditional or exotic? Star of David becomes a
Teen heartthrob in new Netflix sitcom You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah
Itay Yaacov (11:00 , 05.09.23 )
Fifth is the charm: 'Fauda' to announce new
Series producers and YES broadcast provider reportedly hold negotiations prior
Ran Boker (14:20 , 04.09.23 )
Prince Harry reveals his battle with trauma in
The prince opens up about coping with post-traumatic stress triggered by his
Inbal Hananel (19:52 , 31.08.23 )
Beyond 'JewFace': Robert De Niro's unforgettable
As he turns 80, one of Hollywood’s greats has gifted us unforgettable Jewish
Amir Bogen, New York (23:03 , 26.08.23 )
From Schindler's List to Oppenheimer:
Since the dawn of Hollywood, filmmakers have been eager to tell the life stories
Benjamin Tovias (18:58 , 26.08.23 )
'My mother was related to Freud, she always
Illusionist Uri Geller packed up his lavish life in England and moved to Jaffa,
Smadar Shiloni (23:41 , 19.08.23 )
Greta Lee: 'I believe that that is the future of
A24 has brought Asian American experiences to the fore with hits like Everything
Amir Bogen, New York (13:45 , 19.08.23 )
Bradley Cooper accused of 'Jewface' as trailer
Jewface, the concept of non-Jewish actors playing Jewish roles, is not new - but
Marcy Oster (11:24 , 16.08.23 ) 
A broken heart: Gal Gadot's Netflix spy thriller
While the Israeli actress is looking for a new franchise to maintain her
Erez Dvora (10:33 , 15.08.23 ) 
Hot of Stone: Gal Gadot takes the spicy wing
Youtube series Hot Ones has every celebrity come running, and Gal Gadot will not
Gilad Meiri (13:52 , 14.08.23 )
Despite global success, Barbie gets mixed
Saudi Arabia, UAE demand edits to film before allowing it to open, while Lebanon
The Media Line (09:59 , 14.08.23 )
On the cutting room floor: Arab subtitles omit
Lebanese subtitle company acknowledges a practice of pre-emptive self-censorship
Daniel Edelson, New York (10:46 , 13.08.23 )
The Sound of Freedom: A conspiracy theory that
Low-budget Christian drama on child trafficking soars at box office despite
Amir Bogen, New York (13:38 , 12.08.23 ) 
So Wonder Woman 3 isn't happening after all?
While Gal Gadot has been hyping the idea of a third installment on her recent
Ynet (09:03 , 12.08.23 )
This prophecy burns like a thousand suns:
While this might sound needlessly dark, it is a warning that needs to be
Benjamin Tobias (00:36 , 11.08.23 )
Benjamin Millepied: 'I wanted to give this woman
In interview with Ynet, French choreographer discusses creating his debut film
Amir Bogen, Toronto (18:24 , 08.08.23 ) 
Jewish 'The Exorcist' director William Friedkin
Friedkin considered a foundational figure in the gritty and groundbreaking
Benjamin Tovias (08:43 , 08.08.23 )
François Cluzet: 'Many young people in France
The Intouchables’ massive box-office success not only rescued the French actor
Amir Kaminer (23:41 , 05.08.23 )
Gal Gadot: 'I strive to take on roles that
In her new film Heart of Stone, Israeli superstar spearheads a gender-flipped
Shirit Gal, London (15:43 , 03.08.23 ) 
Bollywood film sparks outrage for 'normalizing'
Jewish communities incensed with Amazon Prime film Bawaal for using the
ynet correspondents (23:07 , 31.07.23 )
Film about Zionist founder of Israel's Lehi to
Despite the double strike by actors and screenwriters, the Toronto International
Amir Bogen (11:00 , 26.07.23 )
Helen Mirren as Golda delves into female
Guy Nattiv's film brings forth debates over Dame Mirren's non-Jewish background;
Shmulik Duvdevany, Berlin (16:19 , 20.07.23 ) 
Oppenheimer, the story of the father of the
Barbie isn’t the only film opening on Friday – 'Oppenheimer,' which tells the
Shmulik Duvdevani, Shira Li Bartov and (15:29 , 20.07.23 )
Mission Impossible - AI: Hollywood strikes and
Labor actions shake the entertainment industry as studios seek to profit from
Israel Wullman (22:26 , 19.07.23 )
Noah Schnapp connects to roots in Israel,
The Jewish-American actor, famous for his role in Netflix’s Stranger Things,
i24NEWS (22:06 , 19.07.23 )
Mossad's blunderous mission and the enigmatic
Few knew that Dr. Ruth Nissanov was actually Amina al-Mufti, a Mossad agent tied
Tzipora Roman (00:43 , 16.07.23 )
Nepo-baby's troubled existence: What became of
Smith, once a rising star with high expectations, faces setback after a failed
Omer Daniel (14:05 , 11.07.23 )
Helen Mirren unapologetically redefines fashion
The iconic star who has wowed onlookers with her long grey hair and fabulous
Itay Yaacov (13:36 , 11.07.23 )
Gal Gadot among stars slaying it at Barbie
Margot Robbie brings back the original 1960s Barbie look, Ryan Gosling more
Inbal Hananel (19:01 , 10.07.23 )
Noa Kirel to host Israel's first season of 'Star
Get ready for an explosive dose of talent and drama on Israeli television as Noa
Ran Boker (12:29 , 10.07.23 )
Kevin Costner divorce saga continues: His wife
The star's ex-wife-to-be refused to leave their $145 million shared home, but
Omer Daniel (17:11 , 09.07.23 )
Make up your mind: Oliver Stone thinks Israel is
The acclaimed American filmmaker simply can't stop making excuses for Iran and
Amir Bogen (13:17 , 04.07.23 )
Helen Mirren, Oliver Stone to attend Jerusalem
Festival Opens mid-July with the gala screening of Golda starring Mirren in the
Ynetnews (00:27 , 30.06.23 )
Israeli invited to join Motion Picture Academy
The film industry institution extends invitations to director Daniel Sivan,
Amir Bogen (22:27 , 29.06.23 )
Gal Gadot is getting her star - here's a look
Producer of the unveiling ceremony says agents often lobby for their clients to
Inbal Hananel (17:34 , 28.06.23 )
'We work very hard not to make the joke about
In an interview with Ynet, actors Danny McBride, John Goodman and Adam DeVine
Einav Schiff (13:41 , 28.06.23 ) 
Israeli spy's death in Italy boating tragedy to
A month after spy boat disaster that killed four people, including former Mossad
Ran Boker, Gilad Meiri (11:55 , 27.06.23 )
Netflix matchmaking guru divulges tips for
Aleeza Ben Shalom shares the secret to her shidduch prowess, as well as red
Lidar Gravé-Lazi, ILTV News (09:25 , 26.06.23 ) 
The most influential figure at Pixar isn't
The Republican right in the United States is unlikely to appreciate Elemental,
Amir Bogen (18:58 , 23.06.23 ) 
Maya Hawke is not your typical nepo-baby
The daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke embraces her privilege but
Amir Kaminer, Cannes (15:11 , 21.06.23 )
Gal Gadot says feeling empowered to pursue own
Israeli star is making the most of uncertainty surrounding DC partnership with
Ynet (18:26 , 19.06.23 )
Dermot Mulroney: 'It's a weird story about
You must be familiar with Mulroney's face from a million and one roles because
Amir Kaminer (14:09 , 17.06.23 ) 
Women in film: The producers behind 'My Happy
This is how Talia Kleinhendler and Osnat Handelsman-Keren became international
Orit Merlin Rozhenzwaig (19:19 , 15.06.23 )
From wife to squatter: Kevin Costner's ex
The renowned film actor has filed a request with the court to vacate his wife
Omer Daniel (20:14 , 14.06.23 )
Not your average Airbnb: Walt Disney mansion
Nestled in Los Angeles, the enchanting property, currently owned by the
ynet correspondents (09:04 , 14.06.23 )
Nepo babies: Second-generation celebrities face
Second-generation celebrities have been a hot topic in Hollywood, and each one
Tzippy Shmilovitz (16:45 , 13.06.23 )
Robert Rodriguez: 'People who have paranoid
The American filmmaker has dedicated three decades of his life to tirelessly
Shirit Gal Kedar, London (16:01 , 11.06.23 ) 
Jon Voight: 'Benjamin Netanyahu has been the
After emerging as a Hollywood sweetheart in his youth, Jon Voight made himself
Amir Bogen (23:47 , 09.06.23 )
Confirmed! Al Pacino ready to embrace 4th child
Film icon acknowledges buzz surrounding his fourth child, and the profound
Inbal Hananel (09:55 , 08.06.23 )
'It's very validating to the little girl within
Amid racial backlash calling into question the casting of a black woman as a
Dvir Reshef (20:16 , 03.06.23 ) 
Succession is over: Was Logan Roy an antisemite?
TV series 'Succession' has ended and, despite its focus on the world of media
Yaniv Pohoryles (09:43 , 30.05.23 )
Margot Robbie reveals: I wanted to cast Gal
The actress, who plays the iconic doll in the new movie and even produced it,
Ynet (09:46 , 25.05.23 ) 
Netflix fights password sharing in Israel,
The streaming company announced that it is telling users to stop sharing their
Yuval Mann (14:18 , 24.05.23 )
Israeli creators of 'Fauda', UAE company launch
Project by 'Fauda' creators with Abu Dhabi film production firm aims to promote
ynet correspondents (20:35 , 23.05.23 )

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