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Asking questions in Gaza
Our obsession with heartrending stories serves to cloud over the main question: Will IDF actions in Gaza bring security?
(16:31 ,06/14/06)
Peretz must justify his position
Israel's 'civilian' defense minister must challenge existing defense strategies
(10:10 ,06/12/06)
Hizbullah clash victory for pullout
Sunday's exchanges of fire with Hizbullah justified Lebanon withdrawal
(09:08 ,05/30/06)
Jesus and the separation fence
Even some US conservatives are now condemning the West Bank security fence
(12:05 ,05/29/06)
American law short sighted
U.S. Congress' 'anti-terror' proposal isn't as good as it appears for Israel
(16:22 ,04/10/06)
The case for civilian defense minister
Peretz's nomination good chance to redefine nature of defense portfolio
(15:29 ,04/05/06)
Unilateralism an empty dream
The West Bank is not Gaza, Olmert is not Sharon, and Kadima is no Likud
(11:52 ,03/30/06)
Welcome to the circus
Olmert's mistake, Peretz's achievement, and Bibi's collapse
(00:35 ,03/29/06)
Not a bang, but a whimper
Choice between Olmert, Bibi and Peretz a matter of affection or personal aversion
(17:22 ,03/24/06)
Great election ploy. Now what?
The Jericho operation might well be an election ploy. But it's not the first of its kind
(10:30 ,03/15/06)
The politics of military service
As long as the public fails to demand more from politicians, nothing will change
(14:40 ,02/14/06)
Israel can't tackle Iran alone
Only international community can fight Tehran's nuclear program
(17:28 ,02/06/06)
Political predictions a losing game
There was no way for Israel to predict last week's Hamas victory
(10:05 ,01/29/06)
Peres for sale
From loss to loss, Peres' demands get more ridiculous
(09:51 ,01/09/06)
End of infancy
Whoever inherits Sharon's mantle must be more convincing than his predecessor
(09:38 ,01/06/06)
The Right was right, but no one cares
Right-wing was right about the fallout from disengagement; but that just doesn't matter
(19:48 ,01/01/06)
Just stay sleeping
Sharon has no political, social, or any other plans. How appropriate for the current climate
(11:52 ,12/26/05)
Death of a party
Moshe Feiglin's strong showing good news for Bibi: Things couldn't be any worse
(10:51 ,12/20/05)
Do security chiefs make good ministers?
Ex-defense officials popular despite being mum on policy positions
(17:16 ,12/11/05)
It's not the system that needs changing
Israel's political system is fine. It's the politicians that need changing
(22:50 ,11/29/05)
Don’t leave it to the generals
Border agreement with Palestinians shows generals shouldn't conduct negotiations
(23:31 ,11/24/05)
Beyond their wildest dreams
Border agreement with Palestinians shows generals shouldn't conduct negotiations
(16:42 ,11/24/05)
War on the horizon
Mark your calendars: Israel, Hamas on a collision course
(11:56 ,11/16/05)
F-35 or M.R.I.?
Does Israel really need another 100 fighter planes?
(13:32 ,11/09/05)
Sharon's hubris
Even the Greeks knew that excessive pride leads to mistakes
(12:33 ,11/08/05)
Dress codes and debates
Israel has much to learn from NBA commissioner David Stern
(00:05 ,10/28/05)
Stronger than we think
Israel’s growing population makes ‘few against many’ cliche outdated
(12:45 ,10/19/05)
To choose a judge
The American system of nominating judges isn't so bad
(00:17 ,10/11/05)
Waiting for the next Jewish terrorist
The intelligence community is in denial about a very real threat
(09:59 ,09/28/05)
The next disengagement
Arab-Israeli citizens are losing their faith in the State with each day that passes
(21:39 ,09/22/05)
Force won’t beat Hamas
Despite repeated offensives, terror group still alive and kicking
(11:12 ,09/22/05)
Which side is senseless?
Bleak estimates made by Israeli intelligence sources prior to pullout proved to be wrong
(00:21 ,09/16/05)
The people's army?
IDF's dignity took a beating during disengagement
(17:25 ,08/27/05)
Severe, but not catastrophic
What happened in Kfar Darom still far from extreme scenarios
(07:47 ,08/19/05)
Illusion shattered
Myth of settlers' organizational capabilities proven false
(11:55 ,08/18/05)
Disengagement from the ground up
Resourcefulness of IDF commanders will get army through pullout
(23:45 ,08/17/05)
The only thing that’s certain is the end
IDF may be in for a few surprises during disengagement
(02:25 ,08/16/05)
Much ado about nothing
Pullout and public debate surrounding it ignore real problems facing Israel
(20:23 ,08/14/05)
Trauma without PR
Pullout carried out against backdrop of Israel's wartime trauma repression
(23:37 ,08/10/05)
5.56 mm conflict
The symbolism of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the surest way to prevent it from ever being solved
(15:00 ,08/04/05)
No need for a preemptive strike
Some top IDF officials are buying into Nasrallah’s spider web theory and fear that a pullout will send a message of weakness, but such thinking is flawed, says Ofer Shelah
(11:47 ,07/31/05)
Anti-democratic and stupid
No reason to block drivers from traveling to Netivot, writes Ofer Shelah
(20:30 ,07/19/05)
Success for Hizbullah
Why did most of the terrorists escape altercation with IDF?
(19:43 ,06/30/05)
Law of the jungle
Israel played large role in Palestinian Authority’s decline
(10:04 ,06/22/05)
Counting on Lady Luck
Mood within IDF hopeless ahead of pullout
(10:39 ,06/11/05)
Shin Bet at a crossroads
Newly-appointed Director Yuval Diskin has his work cut out for him
(11:52 ,05/15/05)
Day without questions
The writer recollects his father's and his own army days
(19:37 ,05/10/05)
Don’t touch my Holocaust
Cheapening of the Holocaust is also evident in our common use of it
(13:09 ,03/20/05)
Service with a smile
Why is everyone coming down on Yosef Lapid?
(12:14 ,03/15/05)
Not all the world’s a wall
What happens to artificially created states when they end up falling apart?
(11:15 ,03/07/05)
The masks are off
Settlers' attack on Palestinian policemen was pure vandalism
(19:27 ,01/27/05)
Uneducated military
Sending IDF officers to schools to boost youngsters' motivation is a flawed practice
(22:33 ,02/25/05)

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