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Palestinians protect settlers from attacks
Residents of West Bank village of Qusra say settlers confronting Palestinians
Yoav Zitun (18:29 , 01.07.14 ) 
Abbas: 'No final deal until all prisoners are
Third group of Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli prison. All 26
Ynet (02:05 , 12.31.13 ) 
Father, son seriously injured in assassination
Large car explosion strikes residential neighborhood in Rehovot; father, son in
Eli Senyor (11:27 , 12.23.13 ) 
Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at north
Lebanese media, residents confirm rockets fired at Israel. IDF: First
Ynet reporters (16:50 , 08.22.13 ) 
'Holot is new prison under euphemistic name'
Opposition MKs say Infiltration Prevention Bill is flawed, unjust; MK Regev
Omri Efraim (14:32 , 12.20.13 ) 
Man spills hot tea on MK Tibi, charged with
Indictment filed against man for assault of public servant after spilling
Mati Siver (11:32 , 12.20.13 ) 
Over 75 injured in London theater collapse
Dozens injured, seven seriously, as Apollo Theatre ceiling partially collapses
Associated Press (10:39 , 12.20.13 ) 
Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli force
Terrorist killed in Qalqilya in IDF operation after fire was opened towards
Elior Levy (22:26 , 12.18.13 ) 
Asylum seekers forced back to detention
African migrants' two-day journey to Jerusalem ends as they are forced to travel
Kobi Nachshoni (16:31 , 12.17.13 ) 
Report: Lebanon gunfire kills IDF soldier
IDF soldier killed as result of border shooting, most likely by Lebanese
Yoav Zitun (22:47 , 12.15.13 ) 
Swedish police detain 28 after neo-Nazi attack
Police detain 28 people at anti-Nazism demonstration in Stockholm suburb, after
Associated Press (20:22 , 12.15.13 ) 
Storm leaves tens of thousands without power
Residents of Jerusalem, Safed, without power as Shabbat enters. No heat, little
Michal Margalit (23:04 , 12.13.13 ) 
Israel transfers water pumps to Gaza
Coordinator of Government Activities in Territories authorizes transfer of water
Yoav Zitun (20:24 , 12.13.13 ) 
Jerusalem: Drivers stranded in snow
Rescue efforts aid more than 1,500 people, while police confusion leads drivers
Ynet reporters (10:21 , 12.13.13 ) 
2 soldiers seriously wounded in Golan Heights
Unexploded ordinance tears in tank. During drill, soldiers put blazing barrel
Yoav Zitun (18:18 , 12.10.13 ) 
2 US-Israelis awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry
Arieh Warshel, Michael Levitt awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry for laying
Associated Press (17:37 , 12.10.13 ) 
Kerry: Peace will make Israel stronger
US secretary of state addresses Saban Forum as keynote speaker, stresses
Yitzhak Benhorin (23:05 , 12.07.13 ) 
Obama on Iran: We prefer diplomacy
US president addresses issues of nuclear Iran, Israel-PA peace talks in annual
Yitzhak Benhorin (19:58 , 12.07.13 ) 
Jaffa: 200 protest against Prawer plan
Dozens rally against Negev Bedouin resettlement plan. Prawer aims 'to evacuate
Gilad Morag (18:03 , 12.07.13 ) 
Clashes during Ethiopians' housing protest
Nine arrested in Jerusalem as Ethiopians protest insufficient housing aid for
Noam (Dabul) Dvir (15:36 , 12.03.13 ) 
Hezbollah's virtual training ground
New site recreates past Hezbollah operations in flash. Organization hopes to
Roi Kais (10:48 , 12.03.13 ) 
Protesters clash with police over Praver Bill
Thousands protest in Negev, Haifa, Tayibe and Jerusalem as part of 'day of rage'
Ynet reporters (17:34 , 11.30.13 ) 
Scud missile hits busy market in Syria
Syrian opposition sources claim Hezbollah suffered grave losses in recent
Roi Kais (12:34 , 11.28.13 ) 
IAF, US Air Force hold massive joint-exercise
Israel, Greece, Italy, US are holding massive aerial training exercise in Israel
Yoav Zitun (15:10 , 11.25.13 ) 
Beirut blast footage released
Video of double suicide bomb in Iranian embassy in Lebanon published by
Roi Kais (16:21 , 11.20.13 ) 
Magic Wand interceptor passes new test
New US-Israel-developed inpterceptor Magic Wand successfully trialed; Defense
Yoav Zitun (13:31 , 11.20.13 ) 
IDF delegation treats hundreds in Philippines
Delegations sets up field hospital, tends to 370 patients, 150 of whom children
Yoav Zitun (00:14 , 11.17.13 ) 
Soldier killed in Afula stabbing attack
Palestinian teen stabs Private Eden Atias to death inside bus in Afula station.
Ahiya Raved (09:25 , 11.13.13 ) 
US: Iran turned down proposal in Geneva
Despite reported progress in nuclear talks, White House says Iranians did not
Yitzhak Benhorin (23:05 , 11.12.13 ) 
Rohani says nuclear rights are 'red lines'
Day after world powers, Tehran fail to reach nuclear agreement, Iranian
Reuters (09:18 , 11.10.13 ) 
Muslim Brotherhood's 'Mohamed a-Durrah'
12-year-old boy killed in – or nearby – pro-Morsi protest in Cairo compared by
Roi Kais (17:11 , 11.09.13 ) 
Video: Iran tests new air-defense system
While diplomats struggle in stalled Geneva negotiations, Iranian military
AP (15:26 , 11.09.13 ) 
PM: Israel rejects nuclear deal with Iran
Tensions reach boiling point: PM briefly meets Kerry before latter heads to
Reuters (10:54 , 11.08.13 ) 
Iranian simulation: Missiles on Ben Gurion
While Geneva talks make progress towards agreement, Iranian state television
Ynet (10:15 , 11.08.13 ) 
US' Iran deal allowing uranium enrichment
Telegraph reports deal aims to freeze Iran's nuclear program for six months,
Ynet (23:12 , 11.07.13 ) 
IDF shoots Palestinian who fired at bus stop
Palestinian who shot at direction of Israelis in Tapuach Junction killed by IDF
Yoav Zitun (20:38 , 11.07.13 ) 
Syrian rebels overtake Syria's tallest summit
Free Syria Army claims forces occupy highest peak in Syrian Hermon area, but
Roi Kais (17:38 , 11.07.13 ) 
Kerry urges Israeli settlement limits
US secretary of state meets PA President Abbas, PM Netanyahu in Bethlehem, says
Reuters (17:53 , 11.06.13 ) 
Kerry in TA, vows US to stand by Israel
US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Israel, pays respects where former Prime
Gilad Morag (20:48 , 11.05.13 ) 
Ashkelon sees second car blast in days
Car blast in southern Israeli city injures driver, following similar incident
Matan Zuri (20:46 , 11.02.13 ) 
Gaza border: Mortars fired at IDF force
Combat Engineering Corps soldiers including two officers hit when bomb goes off
Ron Ben-Yishai (07:31 , 11.01.13 ) 
26 Palestinian prisoners released
After 26 prisoners released in August, second group of 26 prisoners released
Ynet (23:25 , 10.29.13 ) 
Protest signs placed on soldiers' graves
Upon release of 26 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prison, Sorry We Forgot
Noam (Dabul) Dvir (12:48 , 10.29.13 ) 
John Kerry speaks in Washington
White House says leaders also discussed Israel-PA peace talks. US secretary of
AFP (07:45 , 10.29.13 ) 
Rebels display Assad's 'spy device'
Syrian rebels boast they locate an ‘Israeli bug’ which parachuted via Syrian
Roi Kais (15:39 , 10.28.13 ) 
Suspicion: Anti-Semitic attack in Australia
Four men in yarmulkes, one woman, attacked in Sydney, evacuated to hospital with
Ynet (19:23 , 10.26.13 ) 
Special police unit evacuates Bedouins
Yoav Unit set up ahead of expected Knesset approval of Bedouin resettlement
Ilana Curiel (12:32 , 10.25.13 ) 
Hundreds rally in Beit Shemesh
Hundreds march against election result, citing fraud, haredi coercion. 'There
Kobi Nachshoni (22:04 , 10.24.13 ) 
Netanyahu, Kerry meet in Rome
Ahead of meeting with Kerry in Rome, Netanyahu tells reporters Iran's nuclear
News agencies (16:50 , 10.23.13 ) 
'US may have targeted Merkel's phone'
Amid tensions with France because of NSA intelligence gathering techniques,
Associated Press (21:47 , 10.23.13 ) 
IDF soldiers evacuate terrorist's body
After anti-tank missiles take out Islamic Jihad operative Mohammed Assi, who was
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy (14:22 , 10.22.13 ) 
New BOI chief Flug on way to work
Day after appointment to BOI chief, Dr. Flug hits ground running, says she
Noam (Dabul) Dvir (12:34 , 10.21.13 ) 
On bus, Palestinian pulls out knife
Palestinian pulls knife on bus driver at entrance to Beitar Illit after driver
Itamar Fleishman (21:48 , 10.20.13 ) 
Lieberman: Turkeyworks to humiliate Israel
In special interview with Ynet, Chairman of Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense
Attila Somfalvi (20:01 , 10.20.13 ) 
Chilling footage of Nairobi mall attack
Graphic footage reveals Kenya mall attackers praying, talking on cell phone
Nima Elbagir, CNN (17:56 , 10.17.13 )
'Palestinians throw stones, soldiers leave'
IDF soldiers encounter Palestinian demonstrators near village of Anata, retire
Itamar Fleishman (20:31 , 10.15.13 ) 
Helpless patient abused by hospital worker
Investigation into patient abuse at Haifa's Elisha Hospital leads to arrest of
Ahiya Raved (15:43 , 10.15.13 ) 
IDF uncovers terror tunnel in Israel
Gaza tunnel laden with explosives uncovered near Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha; likely
Yoav Zitun (08:52 , 10.13.13 ) 
India braces for 'severe cyclonic storm'
Cyclone Phailin reaches India's eastern shore line. Tens of thousands flee storm
Associated Press (19:27 , 10.12.13 ) 
Global WMD watchdog wins Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel committee cites group's efforts as key in defining chemical weapons use as
Associated Press (12:37 , 10.11.13 ) 
Scene of Jordan Valley murder
Wife of retired IDF Colonel Sariya Ofer says he was attacked outside their home
Itamar Fleishman (14:59 , 10.11.13 ) 
IDF holds flight exercise ahead of Iran talks
IAF holds drill to examine abilities to reach remote destinations. 'When we say
Yoav Zitun (21:40 , 10.10.13 ) 
More Saudi women defy driving ban
Saudi women are opposing driving ban, taking wheel. 'More women are driving than
AFP (20:39 , 10.10.13 ) 
PM warns Europe against Iran
Netanyahu holds interviews with European media outlets to warn against reducing
Attila Somfalvi (17:56 , 10.10.13 ) 
Videos expose IDF sanitation failures
Soldiers send Ynet slew of pictures depicting horrible sanitation failures in
Yoav Zitun (13:29 , 10.10.13 ) 
Hezbollah men execute Syrian POWs
Al Arabiya publishes video in which Hezbollah fighters are seen executing
Ynet (12:31 , 10.10.13 ) 
2009 interview with Nobel winner Warshel
Chemistry prize winner Michael Levitt recalls route to scientific breakthrough,
Yitzhak Benhorin (21:07 , 10.09.13 ) 
Yemen: Girls bleed to death on wedding night
Yemenite activist reveals difficult state of young girls forced to marry too
Ynet (18:34 , 10.09.13 ) 
2 Israeli-Americans awarded Nobel Prize
US-Israel citizens Arieh Warshel and Michael Levitt, along with
Ynet, AP (16:36 , 10.09.13 ) 
Charlie Rose interviews Yair Lapid
Finance minister challenges Netanyahu's demand from Palestinians, says 'my
Ynet (12:35 , 10.09.13 ) 
UK working toward reopening Iran embassy
After Tehran-Washington rapprochement, UK FM Hague says two countries to discuss
Associated Press (20:00 , 10.08.13 ) 
Syrian TV airs footage of disarmament efforts
New footage shows work being conducted to destroy Syria's chemical arsenal.
Reuters (18:45 , 10.08.13 ) 
Foreign news outlets report on Ovadia's death
Influential rabbi's death covered extensively by major foreign news outlets;
Lital Gana (15:22 , 10.08.13 ) 
Abbas condemns attack on Israeli girl
Palestinian president condemns attack on Psagot girl, says Israel should allow
AFP (21:50 , 10.07.13 ) 
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef laid to rest
Some 850,000 attend funeral of Shas spiritual leader, who passed away Monday at
Ynet reporters (17:13 , 10.07.13 ) 
Serial flasher filmed on beach, arrested
Man caught on tape exposing his genitals while strolling along Rison Lezion
Eli Senyor (23:30 , 10.06.13 ) 
Scene of shooting attack in Psagot
Israeli girl lightly wounded while playing in yard in settlement located north
Itamar Fleishman (00:12 , 10.06.13 ) 
President Obama's interview with AP
In AP interview, US president expresses optimism about blossoming diplomacy
Associated Press (17:38 , 10.05.13 ) 
'Iran, US must cooperate to end sanctions'
Senior religious figure in Islamic republic tells worshipers at Friday prayers
Reuters (22:49 , 10.04.13 ) 
Report: 5 killed in Egypt clashes
Morsi supporters take to streets demanding end of army-backed rule, defying
Reuters (17:50 , 10.04.13 ) 
Netanyahu in Persian: We're not suckers
PM interviews for Persian BBC, peppers talk with Persian idioms, says Iranian
Attila Somfalvi (22:19 , 10.03.13 ) 
Driver tries to ram through WH barricade, shot
Woman halted by police after high-speed chase near Capitol Hill. At least one
Reuters (21:39 , 10.03.13 ) 
Netanyahu: Rohani is wolf in sheep's clothing
Prime minister addresses UN General Assembly, says that if forced, Israel would
Adi Gold (18:55 , 10.01.13 ) 
Shocking abuse: Dog's eyelids slashed
Pekingese found in abandoned structure in ranch near Beersheba. Animal rights
Ilana Curiel (14:13 , 10.01.13 ) 
Obama's televised message to US troops
Senate, House of Representatives disagree on budget due to Obamacare, lead
Associated Press (08:17 , 10.01.13 ) 
Kerry discusses Iran, Syria on CBS
US secretary of state says deal with Iran possible within months but stresses
Yitzhak Benhorin (08:58 , 09.30.13 ) 
Assad interviews with Italian television
Paper claims France was 'hours' before launching aerial attack against Syria
Ynet (21:22 , 09.29.13 ) 
Arabs hurl stones at police in Old City
On 13th anniversary of Second Intifada, Arab youngsters attack officers near
Noam (Dabul) Dvir (15:16 , 09.27.13 ) 
Abbas: Most Israelis back two-state solution
PA president expresses certainty that most Israelis support two-state solution,
Yitzhak Benhorin (21:21 , 09.26.13 ) 
'Occupation is structural violence by Israel'
Addressing UN General Assembly, Iranian president says Israeli occupation form
Yitzhak Benhorin (23:53 , 09.24.13 ) 
'Israel security depends on Palestinian state'
US president notes Washington seeks diplomatic solutions in Syria, Iran, but is
Yitzhak Benhorin (16:42 , 09.24.13 ) 
Israeli shot in Hebron area; manhunt launched
Staff Sergeant Gal Kobi shot in neck near checkpoint adjacent to Cave of
Ynet reporters (21:52 , 09.22.13 ) 
Palestinians cross into Israel illegally
Days after murder of soldier by Palestinian working in Israel without permit,
Yoav Zitun (18:07 , 09.22.13 ) 
Jews hunt out best etrog for Sukkot
Citron fruit blessed on during Jewish holiday can potentially cost worshippers (08:29 , 09.21.13 )
Putin: Syria's arms – answer to Israel nukes
Russian president echoes Assad's comments in explaining why Syria developed
News agencies (19:46 , 09.19.13 ) 
Rohani: We will never seek nuclear bomb
In NBC interview, Iranian president reiterates 'We have never pursued or sought
Associated Press (09:40 , 09.19.13 ) 
Bricks thrown at police near Jerusalem
Officers attacked by mob while trying to restore order after brawl erupts in
Itamar Fleishman (19:38 , 09.15.13 ) 
Obama's exclusive ABC interview
After reaching treaty with Russia on Syria chemical disarm, US hopes to
Yitzhak Benhorin (18:21 , 09.15.13 ) 
Kerry-Netanyahu press conference
In joint press conference with Netanyahu, US secretary of state says US-Russian
Attila Somfalvi, agencies (17:10 , 09.15.13 ) 
US-born 'jihadi rapper’ executed in Somalia
Omar Hammami, who threatened in his songs to 'knock America down to her knees'
Ynet (08:42 , 09.13.13 )
Rebels fire mortars on Assad's birthday
September 11th is Syrian dictator’s birthday; opposition's Facebook pages
Roi Kais (23:48 , 09.11.13 ) 
Obama at Pentagon 9/11 ceremony
At Pentagon ceremony marking 12th anniversary of terror attacks on US, president
News agencies (17:46 , 09.11.13 ) 
Ynet interview with Foreign Policy editor
Foreign Policy Magazine editor David Rothkopf says US handling of Syria crisis
Attila Somfalvi (10:26 , 09.11.13 ) 
Obama vows to explore Russian offer on Syria
In special address to nation, US president says he'll discuss Russian offer to
Reuters (06:21 , 09.11.13 ) 
Obama sets back Congress vote on Syria
US President asks Congress to delay vote on military strike in Syria to allow
News agencies (23:49 , 09.10.13 ) 
Syria: Willing to show chemical arsenals to UN
Damascus senior diplomat says Syria is willing to show chemical weapons sites to
Roi Kais (21:03 , 09.10.13 ) 
Jordan MP shoots at fellow lawmaker
No injuries reported in shooting incident; speaker Srour calls incident 'insult
Roi Kais, AP (15:28 , 09.10.13 ) 
Kerry: Real evidence against Assad
In press conference with Britain's Hague, US secretary of state says there is
Associated Press (13:04 , 09.09.13 ) 
Katsav on first prison leave
Year and nine months after beginning to serve seven-year sentence for rape,
Raanan Ben-Zur (10:28 , 09.09.13 ) 
Kerry's press conference in Paris
In Paris, secretary of state says US may return to UNSC once chemical weapons
News agencies (16:59 , 09.08.13 ) 
Videos show victims of Syria gas attack
CNN airs 13 videos shown by administration to select group of senators to make
News agencies (22:26 , 09.07.13 ) 
Obama's Internet address to nation
In nationally televised address, president says 'I know American people weary
Reuters (13:36 , 09.07.13 )
US gives up on UNSC in Syria crisis
As leaders hold G20 summit, US ambassador to UN slams UN Security Council for
Reuters (00:22 , 09.06.13 ) 
Obama's Rosh Hashana greeting
In special Jewish New Year greeting, US president says 'we live in challenging
Yitzhak Benhorin (21:16 , 09.04.13 )
US warship docks in Haifa for routine visit
USS San Antonio commander says visit to Israel 'well-deserved break for sailors
Ahiya Raved, Yoav Zitun (19:24 , 09.04.13 ) 
Obama's press conference in Stockholm
In Stockholm, American president says world cannot remain silent after
Reuters (17:45 , 09.04.13 ) 
President Obama: Syria not Iraq
At meeting with congressional leaders, US president says confident
Reuters (17:55 , 09.03.13 ) 
Security breach at BG Airport
Two Palestinians driving stolen truck break security barrier at airport's
Shahar Chai (08:17 , 09.03.13 ) 
Amos 4 satellite launched into space
Israeli satellite takes off from Kazakhstan, joins 3 other satellites which are
Ynet (22:52 , 08.31.13 ) 
Obama: US should take military action against
US president says US should enforce accountability in face of chemical weapons
News agencies (19:57 , 08.31.13 ) 
UN holds briefing on Syria inspection
Investigation team returns with blood samples from Syrian citizens, soil samples
Reuters (19:16 , 08.31.13 ) 
US ambassador: There will be a US response
Dan Shapiro says deliberations in Washington aren't about whether chemical
Itay Blumenthal (13:27 , 08.30.13 ) 
Hagel: US discusses 'facts' on Syria with allies
Secretary of defense says US will continue to consult with Britain on possible
News agencies (08:04 , 08.30.13 ) 
Rebels execute Assad loyalists
Disturbing clips released by rebels show blindfolded members of 'Shabiha'
Roi Kais (20:45 , 08.29.13 ) 
'20 injured in another chemical attack in Syria'
Media report second chemical attack in Damascus. Assad affiliates say if Syria
Roi Kais (09:05 , 08.28.13 ) 
US, allies prepare for probable military strike
Washington, allies gear up for possible military strike against Syria,
Reuters (07:21 , 08.28.13 ) 
Russians evacuated from Syria
Dozens of Russian nationals return home aboard special plane sent by Moscow. In
Attila Somfalvi, agencies (01:08 , 08.28.13 ) 
Qalandiya clashes resume during funerals
Palestinians hurl stones, firebombs at security forces as three men killed
Itamar Fleishman (15:11 , 08.26.13 ) 
UN experts shot at in Damascus
Unidentified snipers fire at vehicle used by UN investigators trying to reach
Reuters (14:40 , 08.26.13 ) 
3 Palestinians killed in Qalandiya
Palestinians report clashes erupted after Border Guard forces entered refugee
Elior Levy (10:29 , 08.26.13 ) 
Netanyahu: Syrian regime commiting crimes
PM meets with French FM, says Syria must be stopped; Mid-East's problems not
Attila Somfalvi (20:13 , 08.25.13 ) 

Israel strikes targets in, around Damascus,
ynet correspondents (07:45 , 01.02.24 )
Israel to defend military actions in Gaza at
Itamar Eichner (23:27 , 01.01.24 )
'Honestly, I prefer the IDF': Palestinians in
Yoav Zitun (23:18 , 01.01.24 ) 

Mideast News
Turkey says broke up alleged Mossad spy ring, 33
ynet correspondents (13:09 , 01.02.24 )
Iranian warship Alborz enters the Red Sea -
Reuters (17:15 , 01.01.24 )
Air strikes hit Iran-backed militia facilities,
Reuters (18:04 , 12.30.23 )

World News
U.S. Law enforcement probe New Year's Eve blast
Ynet (09:00 , 01.02.24 )
South Africa's campaign against Israel has been
Itamar Eichner (22:00 , 01.01.24 )
Jewish resident of Kharkiv killed as casualties
Itamar Eichner (23:40 , 12.31.23 ) 

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