I don't want to be the wife of a war hero

Op-ed: Wife of fighter pilot urges MKs to restrain enthusiasm regarding Iran strike

I was shocked to learn of the petition signed by a number of Likud Knesset members in favor of an Israeli strike in Iran. There are probably a few other wives of fighter pilots who, like me, have been spending nights alone over the past few months, thinking of their loved ones, whose routine training sessions have taken on a whole new, frightening meaning.


We are used to being our loved ones' second choice. We know the squadron and the important missions aimed at safeguarding Israel's security come first. We agreed to pay this price the moment we tied our fate to that of our loved ones. The wives of battalion and division commanders also pay this price, as do the wives of all combat soldiers.


What baffles me is this constant chase after headlines by some MKs, because they will not be there when some of us become single parents.


I sincerely hope that behind closed doors in the Prime Minister's Office, a real discussion is being held that is devoid of interests and irrelevant considerations; although, considering the egos involved, I doubt those who may be taking part in such a meeting would heed the advice of senior General Staff members, who are opposed to a solo Israeli military operation despite the fact that the IDF's advanced capabilities would likely make such a strike possible. Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan and senior American military officers are also against attacking Iran.


In any case, the decision on whether to attack in Iran is not mine or my husband's to make. If given the order, my husband will carry out the mission to the best of his ability. But I want to tell this group of MKs that I do not want to be the wife of a war hero, or a hero of any operation in Iran, regardless of how successful it may turn out to be. You've gotten the headlines you sought, and your initiative opened every major news broadcast.


So before you lead us into another abyss in the fateful debate on whether Israel should strike or not, I suggest that you curb your enthusiasm and leave the cheering for after the operation, when hopefully, all of our fighters return home safely.


The author is the wife of an Israel Air Force fighter pilot




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