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Dangers of a Palestinian state

Op-ed: Politicians claiming Palestinian state would lift demographic threat are misleading the public

Two Frogs lived together in a marsh. But one hot summer the marsh dried up, and they left it to look for another place to live in, for frogs like damp places if they can get them. By and by they came to a deep well, and one of them looked down into it, and said to the other, "This looks a nice cool place: let us jump in and settle here." But the other, who had a wiser head on his shoulders, replied, "Not so fast, my friend: supposing this well dried up like the marsh, how should we get out again?" (From Aesop's fables, 6th century BC).


Israeli Knesset candidates speak of a Palestinian state and even build themselves up on the idea of separation, as though that would make the Palestinians disappear from our lives forever. By doing so, these candidates are misleading the Israeli public. Indeed, most Israelis believe that not much will change on the ground following the establishment of a Palestinian state. But they are sorely mistaken.


A sovereign Palestinian state will immediately absorb 700,000 Palestinians who are living in terrible conditions in Syria, another 750,000 Palestinians who currently live in Lebanon and hundreds of thousands of others who will flock to the new state from all over, because to them the West Bank and Israel are America – just ask the African infiltrators.


Due to the "Arab Spring," Syria and Lebanon would gladly kick the Palestinians out, and the Palestinian state would welcome them with open arms in order to change the demographic reality on the ground. Qatar and Saudi Arabia would fund the entire exodus. Thus, the Palestinian state would become one of the most densely-populated areas in the world and pose a direct security and demographic threat to Israel.


In other words, in the near future we may see hundreds of thousands of Palestinians settling in the West Bank. Some of them are among the most dangerous people in the Middle East: Salafis, members of armed Syrian and Lebanese militias, as well as members of various jihadi groups. They will settle in places that overlook Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem. The demographic balance in this region will be changed forever. Our lives will become a Syrian-style nightmare.


For decades the same politicians that call for separation have been claiming that if we return the Golan Heights to the Syrian regime we will live in peace with the entire Arab world. Now we can only be thankful that this advice was not heeded, otherwise we would have seen Syrian tanks or the terror of the rebels at the gates of Tiberias and the entire Galilee region.


The politicians continue to argue that the establishment of a Palestinian state would solve the demographic problem, when it would actually intensify it. What did the wise frog say to the other frog? "How should we get out again?"



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