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Message to hypocritical world

Op-ed: Israel will be left tiny and defenseless if it continues to try to appease international community

Recent anti-Israeli UN resolutions and condemnations remind us again that the world has not changed and still prefers the Jews to be persecuted, victimized, helpless and defenseless. The Israeli people must send a clear message back to the world that they prefer their survival as a strong and powerful Jewish state over any morally bankrupt approval or sympathy.


The Israelis must reject any world pressure to resume negotiations with the allegedly "moderate" Abbas for the establishment of another Hamastan in the West Bank in order to be embraced at last by the anti- Semitic international community.


We all remember how Sharon, Olmert, Livni and Barak used the same wishful thinking to convince the Israelis to unilaterally pull out of Gaza in 2005. They claimed that by withdrawing from Gaza, Israel would improve its international standing by ending the so-called occupation and gain international legitimacy to defend itself.


But in late 2008, when Israel finally tried to defend itself and put a stop to thousands of rocket attacks from Gaza with a limited ground invasion, during Operation Cast Lead, it was met with broad unprecedented international condemnation, including the UN's Goldstone Report accusing Israel of possible "war crimes against humanity," which was used to orchestrate a campaign to de-legitimize Israel.


In 2012, even though Hamas continually fired rockets into Israel, the world was silent. When Israel responded with its "Pillar of Defense" operation in November 2012, the Europeans and the UN rushed to broker a ceasefire and to repeatedly stress that a ground invasion would lose Israel a lot of international sympathy.


However, only one week after Israel agreed to a ceasefire and the world having just witnessed the Palestinians response to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - in which 11,000 missiles have been fired at Israel since 2005 - the UN voted for the establishment of a terrorist Palestinian entity in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, as well as in Gaza. The UN General Assembly voted 138 to nine with 41 abstentions for the establishment of a "non- member" state of Palestine. The only countries who voted with Israel were the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Panama and several obscure Pacific island nations.


Not one righteous nation was found in Western Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America to sympathize with Israel. Many of those law abiding democracies, which supported the unilateral step taken by the Palestinians at the UN, in violation of the Oslo Accords and other interim agreements that they were parties to, chose to condemn Israel's plan to build 3000 new homes in the West Bank in response to the vote. France, Britain, Spain, Sweden and Denmark not only condemned the plan as "contrary to peace making and dialogue" but summoned the Israeli ambassadors to be scolded. The French president dared even to threaten "we don’t want to shift into sanctions mode."


Sadly, the Opposition parties in Israel joined the world's condemnations and were not outraged by their hypocrisy. Tzipi Livni, stated "the decision to build isolates Israel and invites international pressure" and "a leader must bring the world closer to us but Netanyahu is distancing the world." Knesset Member Ben-Eliezer stated: "The world is losing its patience with Netanyahu's irresponsible policy."


On December 3, the UN General Assembly approved by a vote 174 to six, with six abstentions, a resolution calling on Israel to open its nuclear facilities for inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Those voting with Israel included the US, Canada and Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. Western European countries voted with Iran and Syria to single out the only true democracy in the Middle East on the same day it was discovered that Syria had loaded nerve gas into aerial bombs which are intended to be dropped on their own people.


Israel cannot try anymore to appease the world. If we do, Israel will be left tiny and defenseless and on the edge of historical extinction. Accommodating the world by agreeing to the establishment of another Iranian base east of Tel Aviv is not in the best interests of Israel.


Shoula Romano Horing is an attorney. Her blog:



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