'Terrorists want murderers released in order to reinforce the forces of evil' (Archive)
Ben-Dror Yemini

Terror apologists blame Israel for abduction

Op-ed: According to experts on Middle Eastern affairs, Israeli teens' kidnappers are actually activists for peace and watchdogs of human rights.

They couldn't restrain themselves. Not a day had passed since the kidnapping incident, and experts on Middle Eastern affairs and peace on earth have already informed us that it had actually happened because of us.



We were wrong not to agree to make a few more concessions to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. We were wrong not to agree to release thousands of additional prisoners. We were wrong not to welcome the hand extended in peace by Hamas (we never saw such a hand, but that doesn't matter). In short, Israel is to blame for the abduction.


According to these reactions, the terrorists, and the kidnappers in particular, are actually activists for peace and watchdogs of human rights.


It's true that they are part of the jihad, which has a tradition of slaughtering children and innocent people, but according to the experts, these murderers actually support coexistence. They are in favor of a two-state solution. They fight for a new Middle East. Only the blind ones among us, those Zionists, didn't see them on Friday, holding an olive branch at the Pride Parade.


The terrorists, we must say out loud, are not in favor of peace and are not in favor of an agreement. They don't launch rockets from Gaza in order to free themselves of some sort of "occupation." They target innocent people because they believe in a dark, hate-filled ideology. They are not interested in the release of prisoners for reconciliation purposes. They are interested in the release of murderers in order to reinforce the forces of evil. They are not part of the peace camp. They are always in favor of terror and abductions. Sometimes they succeed.


Israel left the Gaza Strip, but that didn't reduce the level of terror. The Strip's rulers could have presented an example that would have encouraged Israel to pull out from the West Bank as well. They chose the opposite path. They don't want to "free" the Palestinians. On the contrary, they want to enslave them to a dark Islamic empire.


This is a global story. They belong to the same network of Global Jihad organizations, whose top representatives are the decapitators taking over Iraq and Syria. They are in favor of reconciliation and peace just like the members of Boko Haram in Nigeria, who kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls, are in favor of peace.


We must fight for a peace agreement based on a painful compromise. We must oppose the Israeli policy, which insists from time to time to write chapters in the march of folly. But those who provide explanations for terror and abductions are encouraging the Palestinian dissension, the jihad, the ideology of darkness.



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