'A drawing of strict Jews describing the soldiers of the occupation army as pigs'

Haredi propaganda at Hamas' service

Gaza terror organization distributes posters from anti-IDF campaign inciting against yeshiva students who have joined military service.

Hamas has begun distributing drawings created by extreme ultra-Orthodox groups against the IDF and the draft law, which show haredi soldiers as pigs.



This is the first time that the Gaza terror organization makes use of haredi propaganda for its own purposes.


Hamas published a recent illustration distributed in haredi concentrations in Jerusalem in one of its official Twitter accounts, offering its own explanation in Arabic: "A drawing of strict Jews describing the soldiers of the occupation army as pigs."


The drawing shows a fat yeshiva student resembling a pig, wearing an IDF uniform and a black skullcap and holding a Talmud book in his hand.


Hamas' Twitter page
Hamas' Twitter page


The creators of the haredi campaign, who insist on remaining anonymous, have published hateful cartoons in recent years against ultra-Orthodox soldiers and against the IDF, which they say is trying to "capture" and enlist more and more yeshiva students. At one stage, the campaign even offered prizes to children who would draw their own posters as part of a competition.


One of the posters published earlier this year shows haredi soldiers going up in flames inside a military post, crying out "help" and "Tata" (father in Yiddish – a common cry of despair in the haredi sector). Next to them stands a satisfied, smiling man-fox wearing an IDF uniform, with a beard and a skullcap, apparently symbolizing the person responsible for their recruitment and burning.


IDF as 'the national trash can'

Another drawing presented a yeshiva student and haredi children fleeing a haredi soldier and crying out: "Predatory hardak" (a derogatory term for haredi soldiers used within their own communities).


One cartoon showed the "national trash can of the IDF and civil service," which yeshiva students are forcibly shoved into – and then come out shaved, in uniform and red berets.


Another ad included several children's cartoons warning against the "poison of the hardak bacteria," referred to the soldiers as the "Cantonists of Israel of 2013," warned that "child abductors are roaming the market" and presented a former haredi crying out: "Save me, I've become a hardak, I regret it."


Moderate haredi groups have been working to prevent the distribution of these drawings. In one case, a soldier sued one of the illustrators and even filed a complaint with the police for incitement against soldiers. The sides reached a compromise as part of civil proceedings, but made no progress on the criminal level.


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