Bibi, leave!

Weekly anti-corruption protests continue

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Tel Aviv calling on Netanyahu to step down in light of the increasing corruption investigations hounding him; Likud activists stood across to support the prime minister.

In the shadow of the ongoing corruption investigations into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, hundreds of protesters showed up for the weekly anti government corruption protest at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square.



They held signs saying: “Crooks go home!” and “From right to left Netanyahu is a disaster.” The protest was also influenced by the Purim holiday, with demonstrators donning clown gear to mock Netanyahu and his associates.


Nearby, dozens of Likud activists holding signs decrying “attempts to carry out an undemocratic revolution” were there to support Netanyahu.


Protesters outside Habima, Tel Aviv
Protesters outside Habima, Tel Aviv


Protesters expressed support for Police Chief Roni Alsheikh as former judge Oded Alyagon spoke to the crowd: “We must not ignore the incident of the 'texting judge.' To their credit, the system does not ignore such instances and deals with them harshly… The Attorney General (Avichai Mandelblit) deserves credit for instructing the police to investigate the matter. But it is a pity that he is not as quick with regards to the other matters at hand, the investigations concerning the prime minister and his associates.”


In conclusion, Alyagon told the crowd that “Before I left my home I heard that Sara Netanyahu told investigators that she was distressed after the death of her dog Kaya, I therefore ask of you to stand for a moment of silence in memory of the family dog that is now gone,” he said in jest.


Attorney Yuval Yoaz from the Movement for Integrity (Tohar Hamidot) explained how, in his opinion, Mandelblit tied the hands of the police investigating Netanyahu: “Until we petitioned the Supreme Court and demanded answers, it seemed as if (Mandelblit) was handling the cases pertaining to the prime minister differently. We will continue our struggle with the legal means available to force the judiciary to act according to the law.”


Protest organizer Eldad Yaniv said: “Netanyahu is fleeing to the US, (on an official trip -editor. He says) ‘There will not be anything, because there has not been anything’ and that is a lie! In Case 1000, a million; in Case 2000, the government; Case 3000, submarines; in Case 4000, a billion shekels; shame!


“Yesterday, the police treated the Netanyahu family as a crime family for the first time and questioned them and the other suspects in six rooms. Alsheikh removed the mask and stopped treating him as the prime minister. That is how it is done.”


Yaniv called on the head of the Knesset opposition to join the protest: “We need you here with us. Stop waiting, come out to the streets, go out and fight. There is a struggle for the (future of) the state.”





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