Encouraging terror attacks

Op-ed: Lack of Israeli response to murder of IDF soldiers will only lead to more Palestinian violence

The questions we need to ask ourselves are simple: Are we supposed to let the murder of two soldiers at the hands of terrorists pass without a response - and by doing so undoubtedly encourage other terrorists to “show initiative” of their own? Will our silence – or lack of a crushing response – lead to more incidents in which Israelis are murdered by Palestinians? The answer to both questions is clear.


Certainly, we must at least suspend the “peace talks” between Tzipi Livni and her counterparts from Mahmoud Abbas’ side. The lack of any response will only motivate the many potential terrorists among the Palestinians. Unfortunately, this has been proven numerous times in the past.


As a gesture of goodwill, we released hundreds of murderers, and now the other side wants us to release hundreds more, again as a “trust-building” measure.


It seems that the murderers of the two soldiers did not hear about these trust-building measures and are disregarding our goodwill. It is clear to anyone who lives in this region that a lack of response will only lead to a sharp increase in attempts to attack Israelis. This is why we have to respond.


First of all, the government must cancel the plan to release more murderers and at the same time suspend the negotiations with the Palestinians. As long as the leaders of the Palestinian Authority are unable to control the residents of the territories and drive home the message that calm is in their interest, we will achieve nothing and only see more victims.


The two murderers from Friday and Sunday came from the PA, and their leaders cannot claim they are not at fault. As long as they continue to educate children from a tender age to hate Jews and kill them, there will be no chance for true peace. New groups will always be established (some have already been formed) that will continue the terrorist activity. Stopping the release of prisoners and freezing the talks may convince the other side to take the necessary steps. Any more concessions on our part will only make matters worse.



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