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'Negative views of the US as the center of capitalism and imperialism transferred to Israel'
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Radical left sees Israel as 'small Satan'

Op-ed: Leftists scapegoat Jewish state because they hate that it has evolved into a smaller version of US.

In order to understand the irrational obsession of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry with the so-called and delusional Israeli-Palestinian "peace" negotiations, one must realize that they embody the same beliefs as other radical leftists in Europe and throughout American college campuses, who have recently been involved in campaigns to boycott, divest and delegitimize the Middle East’s only liberal democracy.



They are one and the same, except that the Obama administration is constrained by a very pro-Israel Congress and American public opinion, as opposed to the academic world, the liberal media and the Europeans that are constrained by nothing and are free to demonize Israel with lies.


They are all self-hating radical leftists who blame only Israel for the lack of peace. They all believe in the centrality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an obstacle to lasting tranquility and stability in the Middle East despite the fact that civil wars, genocide, and atrocities are endemic in the Arab world.

They believe that the US’s moral, financial, and military support of Israel makes the US hated among the Arabs and radical Muslims. Therefore, they truly believe that putting "daylight" between Israel and the US will bring a new era of friendship between the West and the totalitarian Muslim world.


These individuals perceive that the presence of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria is the main obstacle to peace, but excuse Arab terrorism and incitement to violence as an acceptable and inevitable result of a weak people suffering under Western oppression. Thus, they unscrupulously demand that Israel repeatedly release hundreds of terrorist prisoners for continued "peace" negotiations while denouncing Israel’s military self-defense as a hindrance to peace.


These people believe in endless negotiations with totalitarian enemies instead of military confrontation. They do not mind deserting their allies in order to appease their enemies. The Obama administration has been eager to continuously negotiate with Iran on the nuclear weapons issue while deterring Israel from military attack and the pro-Israeli Congress from imposing further sanctions. Moreover, Obama turned against the Americans' old secular ally Hosni Mubarak while supporting the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


Obama, as well as the BDS movement and its supporters, threaten Israel with boycotts and a third intifada to blackmail it into further concessions while demanding nothing from the Palestinians.


The question is why liberals who have fought for women and gay rights have been enamored with totalitarian Islamic and Arab regimes that are anti-gay and anti-feminist while turning against the only country in the Middle East which respects such rights?


Prior to 1967, the leftists used to sympathize with the vulnerable, weak and socialistic Israel. However, the moment it rose to the status of a militarily and economically powerful and successful nation, they began transferring their negative views of the US as the center of capitalism and imperialism to Israel and the so-called "occupation." They scapegoat Israel because they hate the fact that Israel has evolved into a smaller version of America. They hate Israel because it stands for what they hate about the United States as the embodiment of capitalism, freedom of religion, military and economic supremacy, and success.


Self-righteous and hypocritical campaign

Obama and his national security cabinet, as well as other anti-Israel bashers, are all far-left socialists. Not all liberals are radical leftists. Many Democrats who believe in liberal ideals are supporters of Israel and American success. The far left endorses state and government power that distributes the wealth and reduces all individuals to the same level. Liberal leftists are hostile to Western values for the capitalist western democracies permit genuine democratic differences. Israel, after all, is guilty of being a Western democracy and, even worse, flaunts its Jewish difference and autonomy as well as its success as a startup nation.


Moreover, the far left embraces moral relativism that gives equal value to very different cultures and nationalities. Previously, they embraced Marxism while overlooking its barbaric excess and totalitarian implementation. Likewise, they accept radical Islam and Arab theocracies as equal to and comparable to the cultural values and ethics of western democracies while overlooking its terror and human rights violations.


In order to alleviate their self-hatred, they engage in a self-righteous and hypocritical campaign to target and weaken the Western world. For radical leftists, as for many Muslims, Israel is the small Satan but the US is the big Satan, especially when it is ruled by a conservative president like George W. Bush. They do not target the US when it is governed by the likes of Obama and Carter, because they rely on them to diminish US supremacy from within by weakening the country internationally, and spreading socialism. They cannot destroy the big Satan quickly because it is too big and strong to be seriously affected despite their best efforts. They cannot destroy Israel militarily, but they feel Israel is small enough for them to have better success through economic and political boycotts, divestments and isolation.

Many in the BDS movement believe that establishing a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel would be the last nail in Israel’s coffin.


The battle lines are set. The battle for America’s soul is going through Israel. Those who love America must stand up together with Israel against these haters. Much more, the liberal Democrats, Jews and non-Jews alike, who support Israel must stand up against those radical leftists who hijack their own party.


Shoula Romano Horing is an attorney. Her blog:  


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