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Radicals taking over
Religious extremism slowly, steadily consuming Palestinian society
(16:51 ,03/20/07)
Israeli-Palestinian comedy big hit in Hollywood
Palestinians, Israelis and even other audiences want humor, even when humor takes on complex and emotion-packed conflict
(19:59 ,02/28/07)
PA unity deal a disaster
Secular Palestinians surrender to religious fanaticism in Mecca deal
(11:59 ,02/15/07)
Katsav's 'Arab' response
President's outburst in face of rape charges reminiscent of typical Arab tactics
(20:33 ,01/29/07)
Hanania's Jerusalem connection
Ray Hanania recounts family history, father's attachment to Jerusalem
(10:50 ,01/22/07)
Power of humor
If Israelis, Palestinians can laugh together, they can live together
(22:46 ,01/12/07)
Abbas and the rockets
Palestinian leader has mandate, obligation to respond to Qassam rocket attacks
(11:07 ,12/31/06)
Hamas should resign
Islamic movement has no right to govern Palestinian Authority
(20:36 ,12/25/06)
Help-Israel strategy goes awry
Instead of helping Israel, Iraq war made future bleaker
(13:11 ,12/10/06)
Is Olmert peace plan real?
Regardless of Olmert's true intentions, Palestinians should embrace peace gesture
(17:45 ,11/29/06)
One-state solution a pipedream
Despite peace process failure, two-state solution still the only viable answer
(23:41 ,11/19/06)
Elections not good news for PA
Despite Democratic win, American Mideast policy not likely to change much
(20:05 ,11/13/06)
Hanania's peace plan
Ray Hanania presents the 'Warhol/Shahrazad' Mideast peace initiative
(20:42 ,11/10/06)
My favorite American holiday
Halloween is all about fun, not devil worship as radical Muslims claim
(23:40 ,10/29/06)
Being an occupier
Ray Hanania says he hasn't been a good landlord
(11:48 ,10/23/06)
Big burqa debate
Veiled Muslim women are victims of male-imposed bondage
(23:02 ,10/13/06)
Putting real meaning in atonement
Jews, Muslims should engage in genuine reflection during Holy Days
(16:14 ,09/30/06)
Pope uproar a misunderstanding
Did Benedict XVI in fact mean to say 'Islam spread by the word'?
(22:01 ,09/21/06)
‘Don’t let Starbucks drop from my hand’
I can’t fight the terrorists; I am not really a freedom fighter
(18:27 ,09/16/06)
Defining the true moderate
Extremists live by the sword of metal and rhetoric
(13:27 ,09/08/06)
US journalists go easy on Bush
President's 'Islamo-fascists' remark deserves closer scrutiny
(14:23 ,09/03/06)
History of recognizing Palestinian rights
'If Israelis don’t make peace with us and recognize Palestinian rights, we will remain, a piece of glass, a thorn and a blazing fire'
(10:26 ,08/25/06)
We can’t surrender our sense of humor
Hatred and anger can only make misery even more miserable. Are you in the middle of a war? Don't forget to laugh
(09:43 ,08/20/06)
It’s not about money, but it makes you wonder
When you have fanatics at helm steering the sinking ship, it might help to explain why it’s hard to raise money for even a good cause in the Arab community like helping the people of Lebanon
(08:19 ,08/13/06)
A lot of Jew bashing in Hollywood
Poor Mel Gibson. He’s not even Arab and he can’t shake impression that he is anti-Semitic
(16:54 ,08/05/06)
A political prisoner in Israel’s Gulag
Ghazi Falah, a Palestinian with US residency who also is a citizen of both Canada and Israel, was in Israel visiting his sick mother. When he decided to take pictures at the beach, he got arrested. Now he's guilty. Guilty of being Arab
(13:27 ,07/28/06)
Soccer lessons for Palestinians, Israelis
World Cup drama ended peacefully. Why not for Israel-Palestine?
(15:58 ,07/14/06)
Where do we go from here?
An angry email exchange forced me to ask: How can Israelis and Palestinians end this conflict?
(09:19 ,07/08/06)
Giving ‘terrorists’ exactly what they want
No civilized nation starves people to death because extremists committed violent acts
(10:24 ,07/01/06)
Explosion of peace efforts
A Palestinian and an Israeli walked into a bar, and ...
(08:43 ,06/25/06)
Math related problems
When you really sit down and examine Palestinian-Israeli conflict, much of it has to do with math
(08:12 ,06/17/06)
Different approach to negotiations
Israel wants a step-by-step approach, but Palestinians need to see the bigger picture up front
(18:50 ,06/12/06)
Palestinian failure to communicate
By packing their goals with emotion and rhetoric from the very first sentence, the prisoners' document fails to convey any message at all
(15:37 ,06/07/06)
King Tut brings old, new issues to fore
Egyptian politician keen to attack injustice. But not when his government is the guilty party
(09:39 ,05/29/06)
Chutzpah needed
McCullom challenge to AIPAC puts challenge not to Israel but to Arab Americans
(10:03 ,05/21/06)
Another anniversary of suffering
May 14 symbolizes two different things for two different peoples. For Israel it is Independence Day. For Palestinians it is al-Nakba day
(20:22 ,05/13/06)
Palestinians, Israelis must find courage for peace
Responsible Palestinians reject Hamas's rejection of Israel. But Israel's got the upper hand to make peace
(13:05 ,05/09/06)
War over oil prices
American tempers rise with oil prices, but who’s to really blame?
(09:33 ,05/04/06)
Shedding moonlight on conflict
Can stars provide answers for resolving Israeli-Palestinian dispute?
(08:02 ,04/23/06)
From morons to moderation
Palestinians and Israelis should adopt non-violent terminology
(08:44 ,04/18/06)
Understanding American psyche
Most Israelis know that Evangelical support is based on belief that Jews will also perish in hell
(07:48 ,04/10/06)
Judas Gospel begs question
Who is playing God at White House?
(19:25 ,04/07/06)
Occupied with occupation
Real occupation that holds back Palestinians is not the IDF
(00:39 ,03/30/06)
West should not give up on Palestinians
While it is true Hamas is a terrorist organization, fact remains that Palestinian government is not
(13:54 ,03/20/06)
Changing Palestinian-Israeli paradigm
Things may still get worse between Palestinians and Israelis
(20:01 ,03/15/06)
Paradise may never come
Israelis and Palestinians can't make peace until they are able to say each other's name
(08:02 ,03/06/06)
Left holding the bag
Intelligent women always leave us men behind, holding the bag
(11:48 ,02/28/06)
More Palestinian voices needed
Are opinion pages of most American newspapers biased against Palestinians?
(19:07 ,02/20/06)
Finding hope in the Middle East
Israelis, Palestinians have a lot to learn from Lebanon's hopefulness
(08:53 ,02/14/06)
Why are Muslims so angry?
Muslims seem to take their religion more seriously than Christians
(00:40 ,02/08/06)
Harnessing power of Muslim World
Arabs need to come together not only to punish those who offend them
(13:42 ,02/04/06)
Hamas' win brings new era of uncertainty
Like all religious movements, Hamas is driven by faith and therefore cannot compromise
(09:10 ,01/31/06)
No compromise with Hamas
Israel unwisely helped Hamas, a terror group that favors violence
(19:49 ,01/23/06)
Palestinian film evokes excitement, anger
Golden Globes made me feel proud; of course, I’m Palestinian
(08:19 ,01/19/06)
Christian fundamentalism drives U.S. extremism
Pat Robertson is typical of American racists who exploit Arab-Israeli conflict for personal gain
(19:19 ,01/09/06)
A future without Ariel Sharon
PM’s recent stroke may not matter to future of Palestinian-Israeli relations
(17:20 ,01/05/06)
Arabs will hate 'Munich'
Arabs complain 'Jews control media' but do little else
(10:33 ,12/28/05)
Holiday dilemmas
Being a Christian Palestinian puts one at odds with the realities of life in America
(09:06 ,12/23/05)
New trend gives peace activism meaning and clout
'Convergence' conference gives peace activism new energy
(23:07 ,12/13/05)
Comic tragedy of Palestinian ‘democracy’
Western-style democracy cannot take root in Arab, Islamic worlds
(22:40 ,12/02/05)
Buying toys for Hannukah and Christmas
What do you buy for a child who celebrates both Hannukah and Christmas?
(08:20 ,11/26/05)
Jordan attack a wake-up call
Arabs, Muslims must take firm stand against all forms of violence
(00:32 ,11/14/05)
Airport security around the world
Ray Hanania gets a kick out of scaring people at airports
(09:06 ,11/05/05)
Bush gets punch lines from God
Did God speak to Bush because he felt sorry for him?
(09:18 ,10/14/05)
Lost in the Muslim World
A new film confuses 'Muslim' with 'Arab'
(12:01 ,10/03/05)
Standup comedy violent for Arabs, Jews
Some people say I put the ‘slam’ in Islam, but all I want to do is put the ‘fun’ back in fundamentalism
(01:24 ,09/27/05)
Call it by its name
Understanding hatred is the first step to beating it
(09:01 ,09/18/05)
No better than Israel
Who said Palestinians don't hate Jews?
(18:06 ,09/12/05)
It ain’t so easy being a ‘moderate’
Palestinians must end violent resistance, Israel must be ready to make real concessions
(09:53 ,09/03/05)
Peace process needs more medicine
It all started with a cough, but quickly turned into yet another Israeli-Palestinian battle at the Hanania household
(18:45 ,08/26/05)
A new language of peace
You can’t force human beings of any age to do or say anything, writes Ray Hanania
(19:15 ,08/17/05)
Sharing space in space
Way we monitor space reflects changes in society, writes Ray Hanania
(22:27 ,08/08/05)
Americans know best?
If Israel were a major oil producer, the U.S. would have invaded it years ago
(08:34 ,08/07/05)
Jesus freaks and mobsters at the airport
Walking on water never got Jesus any respect from the neighbors
(11:55 ,08/01/05)
Things Palestinians and Israelis share
We have the same noses, accents and blame everyone else for our problems, Ray Hanania writes
(20:37 ,07/25/05)
Barenboim needs a new tune
Celebrity activists should face truth of their 'friends'
(12:53 ,07/19/05)
Abbas must crack down
Muslims denounce London terrorism but say nothing about Netanya
(13:57 ,07/14/05)
Gaza pullout a sinister Palestinian plot
New life promised to Gaza settlers will be anything but idyllic
(12:01 ,07/12/05)
A 'glowing' smile
Ray's experiences at airport leave him glowing - with X-rays, that is
(12:31 ,07/05/05)
Driving the Jews to the sea
His father wanted to drive Jews out; all Ray wanted was to be driven to school
(12:28 ,06/29/05)
Benefits of ID theft
Sometimes it's better not to have an identity
(12:02 ,06/22/05)
Tabouli war
Ray and Alison Hanania can't figure out if the veggies on the table are Israeli salad or East Jerusalem salad
(12:27 ,06/17/05)
By the power of 'kha'
Israeli-Palestinian conflict stems from 'unrestrained emotions
(10:44 ,06/08/05)
Hostages to brief memory of peace
Fights between Israelis, Palestinians nothing like between husband and wife
(11:54 ,06/02/05)
'Aren't we all Americans?'
Ray Hanania takes humorous look at Arab-American community during Six Day War
(18:08 ,05/26/05)
Take my wives...please!
What’s all this nonsense about 72 virgins? I thought it was 72 sturgeons
(16:23 ,05/18/05)

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