Health Ministry: Stay out of the sea at every beach in Israel

Government urges public to avoid swimming in Mediterranean due to massive pollution after country's drainage system failed to cope with recent heavy rain; Environmental Protection Ministry probing waste leak at Nahal Poleg

Ilana Curiel, Nina Fox|
The Health Ministry on Sunday warned the public to refrain from entering the sea at every beach across the country, due to fear of runoff and polluted drainage making its way into the sea as a result of the recent heavy rainfall.
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  • The ministry also advised the public to avoid bathing near Nahal Poleg and its adjacent beaches in the Sharon region, due to the flow of sewage into the river caused by a defective pipe in a nearby waste treatment plant.
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    זיהום בחופי תל אביב
    זיהום בחופי תל אביב
    Tel Aviv beach is empty following warnings of heavy pollution
    (Photo: Moti Kimchi)
    The Environmental Protection Ministry stated: "From the early hours of the morning, operators at the treatment plant have been working at the site... in order to bring an end to the incident as quickly as possible.
    "The ministry takes the incident seriously and is investigating the circumstances of the leak. Based on its findings, the ministry will decide whether there is room to take further measures due to the incident."
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    חילוץ מהצפות ברחבי הארץ
    חילוץ מהצפות ברחבי הארץ
    Rescuing people from floods in Haifa, left, and Nes Ziona on Saturday
    (Photo: National Fire and Rescue Authority)
    The heavy rainfall seen over the weekend led to floods all around the country, especially in communities where residents have long complained about poor infrastructure.
    Among them is central city of Ness Ziona, which suffered millions of shekels worth of flood damage.
    According to the National Fire and Rescue Authority, more than 50 people needed rescuing in 200 different incidents throughout Saturday. No injuries were reported.
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