Neo-Nazis march in Berlin
Neo-Nazis march in Berlin
Photo: AP
Neo-Nazis march in Berlin

Netherlands extradites far-right suspect to Germany

Man accused of co-founding 'Goyim Party Germany' group, which ran a website denying the holocaust and calling for the killing of Jews; at least six other suspects are under investigation

Associated Press |
Published: 08.27.20 , 21:47
A German man wanted on allegations he helped spearhead a far-right group that posted pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic material online has been extradited from the Netherlands, federal prosecutors said Thursday.
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  • Fadi J., who was arrested in July over the border in Heerlen, was returned to Germany on Wednesday, prosecutors said. A second suspect, Marcus B., was arrested in Berlin at the same time J. was apprehended in the Netherlands.
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    Neo-Nazis march in Berlin
    Neo-Nazis march in Berlin
    Neo-Nazis march in Berlin
    (Photo: AP)
    Their last names weren't disclosed in line with privacy laws.
    J. is accused of co-founding the ''Goyim Party Germany'' group in 2016 while B. is accused of joining the group in 2018. At least six other suspects are under investigation.
    Prosecutors allege the group ran a website on which material denying the Holocaust and downplaying or approving of the crimes of the Nazi regime was posted. They said the site also featured ''deeply disparaging anti-Semitic propaganda,'' including a call to kill Jews.
    The two men in custody were administrators for the group and played a leading role, prosecutors said.
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