Chairman of the Committee of University Heads of Israel warns: 'Turkey is here'

Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad |
Updated: 07.14.20 , 15:44
Chairman of the Committee of University Heads of Israel, Prof. Ron Robin announced his resignation on Tuesday, after the Deputy Director-General at Israel's Council for Higher Education, Michal Neumann, was ousted from her position by the Higher Education Minister, Ze'ev Elkin.
"We have known struggles for freedom of expression and the independence of higher education in the past," wrote Prof. Robin In a letter sent to faculty members at the University of Haifa, which he heads. "But such destruction driven by narrow political interests we have yet to endure. As a step of protest and out of a sense of real danger for the future of higher education in Israel, I decided to take a step. We must wake up, Turkey is here. "

First published: 15:39 , 07.14.20