Speaking at Memorial Day ceremony, Kochavi vows to improve IDF's capabilities

Nina Fuchs |
Updated: 04.13.21 , 21:07
Speaking at a state Memorial Day ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi vowed on Tuesday to further bolster the military's capabilities.
"Out of a commitment to the current generation of soldiers and their families, everything is done to send them solely on worthwhile missions," said Kochavi.
"We will improve the IDF's capabilities, first of all, to carry out the missions successfully, but no less important — to keep and protect our soldiers. Tens of thousands of soldiers and commanders are currently carrying out an infinite number of missions and will eventually return home thanks to their professionalism and the care of their commanders.
"This concern also includes treating the wounded and a supreme effort to bring back prisoners and missing persons to their families and their country."
First published: 21:07 , 04.13.21