Rivlin expresses disappointment with Halimi verdict to France's Macron

Itamar Eichner |
Published: 04.28.21, 18:36
President Reuven Rivlin sent a letter to French President Emanuel Macron regarding the French Supreme Court's decision not to prosecute Kobili Traoré, the Muslim man who murderer his Jewish neighbor Sarah Halimi in 2017.
"I have sadly heard the decision of the [Supreme] court to uphold the decision of the previous courts, which ruled that the accused in the anti-Semitic, brutal and harrowing murder of Sarah Halimi is legally incompetent to stand trial," wrote Rivlin. "Every effort must be made as to send a clear message that there is and will not be forgiveness for acts of despicable and morbid anti-Semitism, and for attacking Jews on the basis of their origin and religion."