Shooting attack in Huwara injures two IDF soldiers

IDF forces immediately arrived at the scene and evacuated the two injured victims - one severely and one moderately - to the hospital, and began a manhunt after the suspects who shot from a moving car and fled

Ynet, Agencies|Updated:
Two IDF combat soldiers were reportedly wounded - one severely and one moderately - in a shooting attack in Huwara on Saturday evening.
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  • IDF forces arrived at the scene immediately after, and the two victims in their 20s were evacuated to the hospital.
    The site of the shooting in Huwara
    According to the initial reports, the suspected terrorists shot from a moving car, and then drove off. The forces began a manhunt.
    Right after the IDF announced a "shooting incident in the territory of the village Huwara," the Palestinians reported that IDF troops were operating in the area.
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    בית החולים בילינסון לאחר הפינוי של שני החיילים שנפצעו בפיגוע בחווארה
    בית החולים בילינסון לאחר הפינוי של שני החיילים שנפצעו בפיגוע בחווארה
    IDF soldiers evacuated to the hospital
    (Photo: Dana Kopel)
    Hamas spokesperson Mohammed Hamada said that the "new Huwara operation is a message that challenges the Zionist occupation army. The besieged town of Huwara continues to resist and react to the arrogance of the occupation and its settlers.
    "As long as the occupation ensues, the resistance will continue," he stated.
    Saturday night's shooting marks the third terror attack to take place in Huwara during the last month.
    First published: 19:46, 03.25.23
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