Iron Dome intercepting a missile from the Gaza Strip over the southern city of Sderot

Gaza rocket fire targets southern Israel for third successive day

Air raid alarms go off in border communities fresh on heels of retaliatory IDF strike; projectiles reportedly intercepted by Iron Dome; man and his son injured after falling while running to bomb shelter

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Published: 09.12.21, 21:14
Gaza Strip terrorist factions on Sunday launched a third rocket attack into southern Israel in as many days.
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  • The Israeli military said the missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. A man and his young son were injured after falling while running to a bomb shelter.
    2 צפייה בגלריה
    יירוט כיפת ברזל מעל שמי שדרות
    יירוט כיפת ברזל מעל שמי שדרות
    Iron Dome intercepting a missile from the Gaza Strip over the southern city of Sderot
    (Photo: Itzik Itah)
    Shortly before Sunday's attack, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi warned of a harsh Israeli response if rocket fire persisted.
    "The IDF will protect the Gaza border and will not accept any violation of [Israel's] sovereignty of any kind," he said.
    "We're responding vigorously for every violation and we will continue to do so, and if they escalate, Hamas and the Gaza Strip will pay a heavy price."
    Earlier on Sunday, Israel carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in response to a Palestinian rocket fired towards the southern city of Sderot, which was also intercepted by Iron Dome.
    2 צפייה בגלריה
    תקיפת צה"ל ברצועה
    תקיפת צה"ל ברצועה
    IDF airstrikes in Gaza early Sunday
    (Photo: AFP)
    A military spokesperson said the IDF strikes targeted a rocket production site, a military outpost, weapons storage facilities and a terror tunnel.
    "Israel will not accept any action by terror organizations targeting Israeli civilians and will continue to strike in response to any aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip. The IDF holds Hamas responsible for any attack," the military said in a statement.
    Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have been running high over the past week after six Palestinian terrorists escaped from a maximum-security detention facility in northern Israel last week. Israeli forces have since captured four of the fugitives.
    Drawing Israeli airstrikes, Gaza terrorists fired a rocket into Israel on Friday after two of the prisoners were apprehended and then again on Saturday after two more runaways were caught.
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