Dozens of security prisoners sent to solitary confinement

Roi Rubinstien |
Published: 09.08.21, 12:17
Dozens of Islamic Jihad affiliated inmates from Ofer Prison were put to solitary confinement after they violently refused to be transferred to other prisons.
"According to the operational instructions of the Prisons Commissioner, a process of mobilization and dispersal of all Islamic Jihad prisoners has begun between the various security prisons," The Prison Services said in a statement.
"So far, about 170 prisoners have been mobilized and by the end of the week, more than 400 are expected to be mobilized. After a number of inmates at Ofer Prison expressed opposition to the transfer, they were taken to the isolation cells and sentenced to disciplinary action."
The prisoner transfer initiative - which seeks to spread security prisoners held in Israel among the country's jails - began after six prisoners escaped from Gilboa Prison.