Israel charges Palestinian from Gaza with planning terror attacks

Shin Bet says the 29-year-old resident of Khan Yunis who was in Israel illegally, made contact with Hamas' military wing, which offered to cover his expenses if he agreed to kidnap Israelis, carry out shooting attacks

Eli Senyor, Yoav Zitun, Gil Morag, TPS|
The Israeli security forces on Monday said they had arrested a Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip on suspicion of planning terror attacks in Israel.
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  • Suleiman Kasab, 29, from Khan Yunis, had entered Israel illegally was planning to kidnap Israelis and carry out a shooting attack, according to the Shin Bet domestic security agency.
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    סלימאן כסאב
    סלימאן כסאב
    Suleiman Kasab indicted for planning terror attacks
    (Photo: Shin Bet)
    He was indicted on Monday in the Lod District Court and his charges specified that he was trained in the use of weapons before entering Israel.
    Suleiman entered the country in January 2020 with a humanitarian permit as an escort for his mother, who was being treated in the West Bank for a serious illness.
    After completing his mother’s treatment, Suleiman took advantage of the permit and remained in Israel illegally.
    His investigation revealed that on September 30 and October 4, Suleiman set busses and Jewish huts erected during the festival of Sukkot, on fire in the city of Ramla - where he had been hiding.
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    שב"כ: מחבל מעזה הצית סוכות ואוטובוסים ברמלה - ותכנן פיגוע חטיפה
    שב"כ: מחבל מעזה הצית סוכות ואוטובוסים ברמלה - ותכנן פיגוע חטיפה
    A bus set on fire in a suspected terror attack in Ramla
    The security officials said his investigation also revealed that he was an operative for the Hamas' military wing known as The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and was supposed to receive weapons in order to carry out his planned acts of terror, but he never actually receive funds from the organization.
    Kasab communicated with the brigade using the Signal instant messaging app, asking for the Hamas terror group to take patronage over his planned actions.
    "Now is the time for us to lay low in order to fool the Israelis," the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade's northern commander replied, promising "to inflict more pain on them" at a later date.
    He was then asked to prepare an explosive device, while the commander promised to send him instructions and reimburse him for any expenses. He also suggested Kasab kidnap Israelis and negotiate their release in exchange for freedom of Hamas prisoners held in Israel.
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    מצעד צבאי בעזה
    מצעד צבאי בעזה
    Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade during parade in Khan Yunis in May
    (Photo: AFP)
    In one of the correspondents with the terrorists, Kasab said he had surveilled for 20 days a kibbutz where officers of the IDF and Israel Police reside. He said the front gate did not have a security camera and he could attach hand grenades to the petrol supply containers in the kibbutz in the early morning hours to cause as many casualties as possible. His Gaza handler suggested he add a bottle of gasoline to the grenades, and promised him he would be remembered as a martyr.
    Kasab said he could carry out an attack in Ramla, describing the mixed Jewish and Arab city as a location with many police forces. He suggested opening fire on a Yeshiva in order to kill "many settlers."
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