Israel nabs remaining fugitives from prison break

The two men were captured in the West Bank city of Jenin after surrendering without a fight while local residents clashed with troops; IDF forces entered the city's refugee camp to distract from the capture

Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy, Agencies|Updated:
Israeli forces on Sunday captured the last two of six Palestinian militants who had tunneled out of a maximum-security Israeli jail earlier this month.
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  • The two members of the Islamic Jihad terror group were apprehended before dawn from a house in the West Bank city of Jenin, Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai said.
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    מונאדל אינפיעאת ואיהם קממג'י לאחר מעצרם
    מונאדל אינפיעאת ואיהם קממג'י לאחר מעצרם
    Nayef Kamamji and Munadel Yacoub Infeiat after their capture in Jenin early on Sunday
    (Photo: Shin Bet Security Agency )
    The other four Palestinian prisoners who escaped in at the same time, were captured in pairs earlier, near the Nazareth in northern Israel.
    Iham Kamamji, 35 was arrested for his involvement in the abduction and murder of Eliyahu Asheri in 2006 and is serving two life sentences and Munadel Infeiat, 26 was arrested in 2019 for terrorist activity and his trial is still ongoing.
    IDF troops enter Jenin where they capture remaining two fugitives of Gilboa prison break
    Security forces located the two in a house in the eastern section of Jenin and they were apprehended along with two other men who assisted them.
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    תפיסת המחבלים בג'נין
    תפיסת המחבלים בג'נין
    Last two fugitives from GIlboa prison break captured in Jenin early on Sunday
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
    Security sources said the location of the two was obtained by intelligence operatives on the eve of Yom Kippur last week.
    Late on Saturday, IDF troops entered the Jenin refugee camp, in order to distract potentially armed terrorists from the operation to capture the fugitives.
    Iham Kamamji called his father moments before his arrest, telling him that he would be surrendering without a fight.
    Palestinians residents of the area clashed with Israeli troops as they raided the city early on Sunday. Footage on social media showed Palestinians setting off firecrackers as armored military vehicles entered the city.
    Although exchanges of fire were reported, the IDF said its troops left the area unharmed. while Palestinian officials say three men were injured in the exchanges. There immediate comment from the Palestinian Authority.
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    תיעוד ממעצר המחבלים בג'נין
    תיעוד ממעצר המחבלים בג'נין
    IDF captures remaining two fugitives from Gilboa Prison break, in Jenin early on Sunday
    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett posted on Twitter that the men were captured in an impressive operation conducted by the police and the military. "I would like to thank the security forces who worked tirelessly to bring about an end to the affair," Bennett said.
    The six Palestinians who broke free on Sept. 6 had tunneled a hole through their prison cell. Israeli officials say they will investigate any lapses that allowed their escape.
    Palestinians have protested in support of the men across the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the Palestinian factions in Gaza fired rockets into Israel protesting what they called punitive measures taken against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, after the escape.
    First published: 07:27, 09.19.21
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