Snow on Mt Hermon

Snow and rain forecast for Israel on the coldest day of the season so far

Jerusalem may see snow Tuesday though it is not expected to accumulate on the ground despite low temperatures; in the Galilee roads and schools remain open as residents brace for a cold and snowy day

Ahiya Raved |
Published: 01.21.20 , 09:02
Another stormy day is expected across Israel Tuesday with snow now falling on mountain tops in the Galilee. Roads and schools remain open as local residents brace for the coldest day the season so far.
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  • Jerusalem may also see snow in the course of the day though it is not expected to accumulate.
    שלג בחרמוןשלג בחרמון
    Snow on Mt Hermon
    (Photo: Courtesy)

    Snow has been falling on the Golan Heights since the late-night hours with 15 cm already reported on Mt. Hermon and temperatures dropping below O°c.
    שלג בחרמוןשלג בחרמון
    Snow on Mt Hermon
    (Photo: Courtesy)
    Heavy rain is expected along the coastal planes and as far south as the Negev desert accompanied by bouts of hail and thunderstorms.
    שלג בהר מירוןשלג בהר מירון
    Snow on Mt Hermon
    (Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority)
    Flood warnings have been issued for low-lying areas.
    In the Mediterranean, northwesterly winds will reach 25-40 Kph with gusts up to 50kph also possible. Waves are expected to reach 350 cm.
    Water levels in the sea of Galilee continue to rise with 7cm added overnight reaching a height of 210.595 meters below sea level as of Tuesday morning. The Water Authority said it is now just 1.795 meters below its maximum capacity.
    חוף הים בגינוסרחוף הים בגינוסר
    The Sea of Galilee
    (Photo: Kibbutz Ginosar )
    The north saw the largest amount of rain over the past 24 hours with 32mm. measured in Haifa.
    A short lull in the storm is expected Wednesday but the temperatures will remain low and the rain and snow are will return on Thursday.

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