Exclusive: Book of Esther reading with Ynet

For the first time, Ynetnews brings the atmosphere of the Purim festival to your home, from the international synagogue in Tel Aviv, Tzohar and Ohr Torah Stone host a joint reading of the Megillah


The Megillah (Book of Ester)
(Video: Nadav Abbas)

According to Halacha, all Jews are obligated to hear the readings of the Book of Esther (Megillah), twice during the holiday (yesterday, Monday, and during Purim Day, today). Ynetnews carried a live broadcast of the readings for our readers. You can participate in the reading of the Megillah here at any time.
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  • Join us for the reading of the Megillah at the Tel Aviv International Synagogue "Beit El" as part of a "Megilla in the Community" event organized by "Tzohar" in collaboration with the "Or Torah Stone" network, bringing together religious and secular individuals.
    Purim is a holiday of thanksgiving for the miraculous rescue of the Jewish people during the Persian Empire. This is the only holiday that came to be during the Jewish people's exile from their ancestral land, which is reflected in the nature of the holiday.
    There are many festivities, costumes, and drinking, which to some extent serve as a cover for the underlying grief: Even after being saved, the Jews remained in exile, subject to the mercy of foreign rulers and surrounded by antisemitic sentiment.
    However, "Purim for us we will forget everything," and we focus on the positive and joyous aspects of the rescue, the unity among the Jewish people, and trusting God in any situation while disregarding and forgetting the grief of exile.
    First published: 19:53, 03.06.23
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