PM: Giving vaccines to allies buys goodwill

Associated Press |
Published: 02.24.21 , 20:43
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday acknowledged sharing coronavirus vaccines with a number of friendly countries that have given favors to Israel in the past.
The comments came at a time when Israel faces international criticism for not doing more to share its vast stockpile of vaccines with the Palestinians.
Under the terms of the Oslo Accords, however, the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the healthcare of its own population and has repeatedly said it is obtaining its own vaccines via a UN scheme.
Speaking to reporters, Netanyahu said that Israel has "more than enough" vaccines for its own population and that he had personally decided to share what he called a symbolic number of doses to reward allies.
"It was done in return for things we already received, through many contacts in various areas that I will not detail here," Netanyahu said. "I think it absolutely buys goodwill."