Israel aims to break Guinness record for speed dating

Speed-date Moonlight, scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv on September 22, will attempt to complete hundreds of dating session between 500 men and 500 women in mere minutes to break previous record set in Ireland

Korin Elbaz Alush|
Israel is aiming to break a Guinness World Record in speed dating with a unusual event set to be staged later this week in Tel Aviv.
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  • The “Speed-date Moonlight” speed-dating event is scheduled to be held on Thursday, with participation of 500 men and 500 women. All in an effort to break the previous record set in Ireland, where 964 people took part.
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    שיא גינס הרכבת דגל ישראל הגדול ב עולם כולו מ עוגיות עוגייה פתי בר
    שיא גינס הרכבת דגל ישראל הגדול ב עולם כולו מ עוגיות עוגייה פתי בר
    Guinness World Records certificate
    During the event, each member will have to meet at least 20 others in several session lasting there minutes each. The event will also include live performances by Israeli artists, as well as a unique marathon run for singles, including a 4km and 8km events.
    Other Guinness records that have been broken in Israel include the heaviest strawberry and the largest halva treat.
    Omer Sion will be one of the participants in the upcoming speed-dating event. “I saw it on television and wanted to give it a shot,” he said. “I’m searching for love. It’s very hard to find love through your daily routine nowadays, mainly because I don’t like dating apps.”
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    עומר שיאון
    עומר שיאון
    Omer Sion
    (Photo: Curtesy)
    He added: “It’s important for me to talk to someone before going on a date. That’s why speed-dating works well for me: it’s a chance to look at each other and see if it fits or not.”
    Linoy Shir, another participant, said: “I singed up as part of an effort to search for a partner in creative ways. I think every way to find love is valid, you cannot know where it may come from,” she said. “And, if there’s a chance of us breaking the world record – that’s very cool.”
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