Palestinian suspect arrested in stabbing of Israeli near Bnei Brak

Police say suspect detained in joint operation with Shin Bet; victim convinced this was a terrorist attack; 'It was really horrible, he was all bloodied,' wife says

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Israel Police said on Wednesday they had arrested a Palestinian man on suspicion of stabbing an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man the day before near Bnei Brak.
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  • The suspect was captured on the day of the attack in a joint operation by the police and Shin Bet intelligence agency. The suspect was transferred to Shin Bet for interrogation.
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    יצחק דהן
    יצחק דהן
    Itzhak Dahan
    (Photo: Shmulik Davidpur)
    Itzhak Dahan, 47, suffered serious head injuries after being stabbed Tuesday morning while crossing a pedestrian bridge on Givat Shmuel's Highway 4 near Bnei Brak in central Israel.
    "I got on the Givat Shmuel bridge and saw in front of me a man that was going down the bridge and holding a bag," Dahan recalled. "We were alone on the bridge. He looked at me, put his hand in the bag and didn't take anything out. Seconds later, and after I passed him, he took something out, I didn't exactly see what it was - and then hit me over the head with it two-three times, and disappeared."
    The victim's wife Yael said that her husband was walking to morning prayers when he was attacked, suffering multiple fractures.
    The couple has six children together.
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    יצחק דהן
    יצחק דהן
    Itzhak and Yael Dahan
    (Photo: Shmulik Davidpur)
    "I got to the emergency room in the hospital, and there is no way to describe what I saw," Yael shared. "It was really horrible. He was all bloodied, all of his clothes, his entire body."
    The suspected terrorist attack comes as Israel is still healing from a flurry of terrorist attacks that left 19 people dead between mid-March and early May.
    Israel launched nightly counterterrorism operations in the West Bank in response to the ongoing situation.

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